Boardwalktech Signs New Customer Engagement in Food & Beverage Market

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Boardwalktech Software Corp. (“Boardwalktech”), a leading digital ledger platform and enterprise software solutions company, announced today it has signed a new engagement with another US-based Fortune 250 food & beverage company for deploying the Boardwalk Blockchain Digital Ledger Platform to support multi-party exchanges with its trading partners in their global supply chain. This new engagement will contribute some revenue in the upcoming quarter, with a larger deployment expected during the second half of this year. Due to the perceived competitive advantage that the Boardwalktech platform provides, the customer has requested that its name be withheld.

“By selecting Boardwalk’s Platform, this company is digitalizing manual processes, which reduces process time from weeks to days, increases revenues and margins, enables better pricing and lowers inventories. The ROI to the business is significant,” said Andrew T. Duncan, President and CEO of Boardwalktech Software Corp. “Until now, companies have had no path to automate manual processes that are rampant within every enterprise where communicating between multiple parties is still primarily done using email with attached Excel spreadsheets. For companies to compete in today’s fast-moving world, they must transform to a 100% digital state where information in the value chain is exchanged digitally and decisions are predictive and rapid using real time, trusted data.” The ability to manage these exchanges of information efficiently and securely through digital transformation has become the leading area of focus for food & beverage companies and a critical component of building a sustained competitive advantage in the market.”

The Boardwalk Blockchain Digital Ledger Platform is designed and ideally suited for multi-party enterprise applications enabling trusted, authenticated and secure transactions managed on a private permissioned digital ledger. What is unique about the Boardwalktech digital ledger technology is that it captures the provenance of both on and off chain data exchanges between multiple parties. The Boardwalk Platform provides the end-to-end framework needed for enterprise customers to digitally transform existing manual processes enabling a more timely, accurate, and predictive business outcome.


SOURCE BoardwalkTech