DNA Behavior International Rolls Out Investor Version of its Market Mood Real-Time Behavioral Finance Measurement Tool

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During times of financial market volatility, it’s common for investors to react with fear, risking long-term asset growth in favor of short-term comfort. Since 2015, financial advisors have been able to use Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International‘s Market Mood to better predict and manage client reactions to market changes. Now investors also will have access to deep insights on their own through the Market Mood for Investors product extension.

“Market Mood is a real-time behavioral finance measurement tool that enables advisors to customize communication and be more proactive in managing client emotions during market changes,” says DNA Behavior’s Hugh Massie, who is a pioneer in the practical application of behavioral insights. “With the rollout of Market Mood for Investors, this feature also now provides an opportunity for investors to have discussions with their advisor, as they better understand their own financial decision making.”

Market Mood is widely used by financial advisors, who pair the resulting behavioral insights with customized scripts to engage clients in their preferred style and channel. Market Mood for Investors – the new client-facing facet – benefits anyone with any level of assets under management, as they can check themselves before making market-related financial decisions.

“By having validated behavioral insights pinpointing how individual clients will react to fluctuating markets, advisors can more easily and more effectively provide a tailored client experience to increase investment returns, while also maximizing client confidence, retention and compliance,” Massie says. “It’s a win-win for both clients and advisors.”

DNA Behavior champions an “understanding people before numbers” approach to not only leveraging behavioral insights, but doing so in practical ways, as with the Market Mood tool and, now, its extension: Market Mood for Investors. Advisors and other wealth managers can learn more about it here. They also can view a Market Mood video. Email: [email protected].

“Market Mood is a whole new way of thinking about and looking at my DNA Client Data and how clients will react to the stock market,” says financial advisor Shay Woodward of Performance Wealth. “The communication approaches and tips provide a structured approach to engaging with my clients. I continue to find better ways to engage with my clients using Market Mood.”

Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior delivers practical, real-time, scalable behavioral insights to accelerate human performance in over 123 countries through 11 languages. In addition to its Financial DNA – of which Market Mood is a component – the company’s 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes include Communication DNA and Business DNA.


SOURCE DNA Behavior International