Wowoo Chooses OmniSparx for the Future of Global Community Collaboration

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Today we are excited to announce that Wowoo Pte. Ltd and OmniSparx PBC are partnering to enable collaboration in global, decentralized communities.

Wowoo’s large and growing network of communities will draw on OmniSparx’s collaboration infrastructure, which is being designed to resolve the challenges inherent in global collaboration: authentication, communication, and incentive.

“We have been seeking an incentivization system to connect Wowoo-related projects and individuals around the world to collaborate and co-create more value. This partnership will strengthen our communities’ economies, making them more beneficial for all participants, and helping us advance our mission to bring about a better society and reward people’s good deeds,” says Fujimaru Nichols, Founder and CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd.

Wowoo projects harness the new token economy to support activities across the globe. Wowoo communities span medical research, food, AI, sports, political action, and music.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for OmniSparx to extend its current success teaming with Wowoo across Asiaproviding real value for organizations challenged with community growth,” says Edmund Moy, OmniSparx advisor and formerly the 38th director of the United States Mint.

OmniSparx is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) led by pioneers in different industries, whose mission is to support the health and growth of decentralized ecosystems.  OmniSparx’s collaboration platform is designed expressly for organizations seeking to leverage community as a driver of growth, and guided by a desire to connect individuals’ talents to the co-creation of value within high quality projects.

“Community-based collaboration is the operating system for today’s most innovative businesses, projects and initiatives. The ability to organize, communicate, govern, advocate and exchange value through a distributed community is the key model for our times. We are delighted to partner with teams with big visions,” says Camille Landau, OmniSparx’s CEO.

“With OmniSparx’s infrastructure, we aim to connect the organization’s community team with developers, influencers and other people who contribute to the project, and have the ability to directly reward them. Through the same platform, our communities will be able to connect to other blockchain-related projects around the world,” says Nichols.


SOURCE OmniSparx