Rextag Launches Energy DataLink™

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Rextag, a division of Hart Energy and a rapidly expanding industry leader in energy data, announces its launch of the Energy DataLink service, one of the largest and most integrated sources of energy data and documents. This announcement is taking place today at Hart Energy’s DUG Permian Basin Conference and Exhibition.

Energy industry leaders are facing a number of information challenges:

  • Energy infrastructure assets that are difficult to locate, identify and value.
  • Data that is inaccurate, outdated and expensive.
  • Interfaces that are cumbersome, slow and difficult.
  • Limited data visualization and spatial analysis.

To solve these challenges, the Rextag division of Hart Energy created a web-based service that organizes multiple databases and mapping capabilities in a single platform – joining operators and assets across the entire energy supply chain. The comprehensive free service includes:

  • Free well production & completion data
  • Free basic midstream maps and downstream facilities data
  • Access to the world’s largest energy documents library (over 3.5 million documents)
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools
  • Fast and dynamic query mapping interface

According to Reinold Tagle, head of the Hart Energy Rextag Division, “While there are many great features and benefits to our new service, I believe users will be most impressed by the dynamic and fast query mapping speed, impressive visualization options and the use of artificial intelligence in areas like data collection, data processing, data generation and the user query input system. In short, our disruptive solution will provide timely and consolidated data, in the right format, to solve problems and make our clients’ business lives easier and more productive.”

The Basic Edition of Energy DataLink is available at no charge and a Professional Edition with additional features and benefits, is also available. For more information, please visit the registration page.