CryptoDaily Becomes Fastest-Growing Blockchain Industry News Source

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CryptoDaily, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency and blockchain industry news website and media platform, announces a major expansion by providing more of its unique, feature-rich content into additional languages to meet the demands of its rapidly-growing global readership base. Founded in September 2017, CryptoDaily is the industry’s only top-tier, free-to-publish cryptocurrency news portal and has become the fastest-growing source for news discovery among its peers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The media network’s recent expansion into language-specific content focused on native Chinese and Japanese website visitors has fostered its rapid growth. Now hosting more than 3.2 million unique page views monthly by more than 1.2 million unique users, more than 40% of CryptoDaily’s traffic is now referral-based, highlighting the seamless ease with which news and media consumers are sharing their favourite content with friends and other industry participants.

“We know our unique content is compelling relative to other cryptocurrency news discovery sources because our average page views metric greatly exceeds that of our three largest competitors. Our recent foray into providing more content in Chinese and Japanese has rewarded our loyal readers in those markets, positively reinforcing our overall brand value across all markets,” said Pascal van Knijff, CryptoDaily’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“It is noteworthy that our rapid growth over the past several months coincided with a significant pullback in the market and some pretty negative sentiment – a testament to our steadfast commitment to deliver reliable, unbiased news coverage and unique content in all market environments. As we pursue additional content localization across more languages, our fast-expanding readership and viewership will benefit from our holistic plans to deliver even more diverse media across many channels,” Mr van Knijff added.

More than 85 authors have contributed to CryptoDaily’s unique content since inception, with an expanding roster of market analysts, regular feature writers, and guest interviewees. Collectively, these contributors continue to provide dependable news coverage, insightful fundamental and technical analyses, and fresh perspectives that shape discussions and reflect the dynamics of the vibrant cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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SOURCE CryptoDaily