Posera and UEAT Partner to Bring Online and In-Store Ordering Solutions to Hospitality Industry Merchants

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Posera Ltd. (TSX : PAY) (“Posera”), a leading provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry, and UEAT Technologies Inc. (UEAT), a Food-Tech company that prides itself on revolutionizing the way customers order in restaurants, jointly announced an integration  partnership that offers merchants powerful yet simple management of the restaurant ordering process.

The UEAT software integrates with Posera’s flagship POS brand, Maitre’D. UEAT’s online ordering solution employs the latest in software technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to upsell menu items, foster customer loyalty, reduce cost and waste while aggregating valuable data critical to restaurant operations.

Posera and UEAT’s collaboration equips restaurateurs with two distinct, feature-rich products:


A fully-customizable online ordering platform that integrates effortlessly to any website; and


An array of self-service kiosks for a restaurant of any concept or size, powered by UEAT’s powerful 

The online ordering solution facilitates simplified user experiences to customers, removing the need for cumbersome mandatory account creation. The solution enables easy placement and retrieval of orders to go, delivery right from the customer’s table, and the innovative capability of ordering and delivery to a specific hotel room. Concurrently, the solution focuses on streamlining restaurant kitchen operations by communicating directly with the Maitre’D POS, eliminating double data entries, and sending the order straight to the kitchen printer.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with UEAT, a fellow Canadian technology company, that’s making great headway in developing disruptive technology for the restaurant industry,” said Dan Poirier, Chief Executive Office at Posera. “With Posera’s global reach, together we can bring UEAT’s innovative ordering solutions to wider markets.”

The emphasis on facilitating customer experience and merchant operations is also demonstrated with the self-service ordering kiosks. Programmed with the UEAT command online application, the kiosks are fully customizable and are available in multiple design options to suit any hospitality concept. The kiosk solution eliminates register wait lines, increases the average bill up to 30%, sends orders directly to the kitchen printer, is integrated fully with the Maitre’D POS, and offers 24/7 customer support.

UEAT’s online ordering platform utilizes AI capabilities and smart marketing tools for a value-added experience for customers and merchants. Addressing the need for personalizing the customer experience, the platform comprises advanced statistics reports, single-click order reprocessing, loyalty programs management, and customer-specific special offers creation.

”We are really proud of the journey we have made so far,” said Martin Lafrance, Chairman at UEAT. “It is obvious that a partnership with a major company such as Posera is an incredible opportunity for UEAT to establish its traction in the North American market. Maitre’D customers who want the best online ordering solution available on the market now know where to turn!”


SOURCE Posera Ltd.