World Resource Organization to launch all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem in May

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To date, no company or organization has developed an infrastructure that fully encompasses the main facets of blockchain technology, namely: scalability, security, and decentralization. Coming May 2019, the World Resource Organization (WRO), funded by OCEANPEC (Singapore), will launch an all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem that is backed by three main pillars: 1) Finance, 2) Resources and 3) High-tech services. This ecosystem aims to accelerate the use of blockchain technology in real-life scenarios, as well as break down barriers between traditional and new economies.

In the finance industry, there are banks, payment companies and supply-chain firms providing services such as cross-border remittances, credit reporting, and letters of guarantee. Blockchain technology will enable financial transfers to be faster, traceable, and with lower transaction costs. The resource industry consists of the likes of logistics companies and raw material procurement departments. Services in this sector include electronic evidence, supply chain management, as well as goods traceability and authentication. Examples of data that can be transmitted through blockchain technology transparently, quickly and securely are: invoices, purchase records, and bills of lading. As for the technology sector, it is made up of network providers, cloud computing service companies, telcommunications operators and more.

The Resource Token (RT token) will help the World Resource Organization to facilitate fee payments and data transfers. RT tokens will be used as the primary means of fee payment, such as service fees for technical services, communication services, Internet services, patent-licensing, and cloud computing services. Enterprises in the WRO ecosystem will provide financial, resource and high-tech services for RT token holders.

WRO has established a global network of partnerships and local offices to support its activities. OCEANPEC (Singapore) has inked agreements with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Cuallix Bank. ADNOC is the largest crude oil company in the United Arab Emirates, with monthly crude oil output of 100 million barrels. Based in the United States, Cuallix Bank has partnerships with 172 counties and regions, as well as SWIFT, MasterCard and UnionPay. Cuallix Bank is also the first financial services organization to collaborate with Ripple (XRP).

RT resources has 10 local offices working on natural gas, crude oil, precious metals and gemstones in Mainland ChinaSingaporeHong KongMongoliaSouth KoreaUnited States (Houston), North America (Mexico), Middle East (Abu Dhabi), Australia (Darwin), and Switzerland.

World Resource Organization is helmed by a team of highly-qualified professionals with years of experience in the financial, energy, trade, commodities, and legal sectors. Chairman Louis Li, who also chairs OCEANPEC (Singapore), is influential in the energy and minerals industry, having presided over the construction and operation of many refining and chemical projects. Under him are: CEO JJ Chen of ZHENGRONG Energy Korea, Feng QuanMendy LiuMichelle ParkAndy JinFranke McQuilkin and Tetsuya Nagaoka. The WRO is also backed by a strong team of advisors from across the globe to provide insights and give direction to the project.

The WRO was established with lofty ambitions to encompass scalability, security and decentralization in blockchain technology. By leveraging on their financial, resource and technological advantages, they believe that they can build an all-in-one ecosystem to provide services to users and investors globally. Through constant development and optimization, they believe that everybody can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology across various industries.


SOURCE World Resource Organization