For its 4th year, Pint of Science sees double!

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What are dreams and memory made of? What do scientists use to “listen” to the oceans and the marine life? Why citizen science is essential to conservation biology? These are some of the questions that researchers will try to answer during the different events of Pint of Science Canada 2019. During 3 consecutive days, scientists are invited to present their latest discoveries while the public learn and enjoy a drink in their favorite pub. ”Our goal is to make science accessible to everyone, by making it fun and interactive in a casual setting. For 2019, we focused on expanding to smaller cities which have less exposure to university research”, explains Alexandra Gellé, the president of Pint of Science Canada, and PhD student at McGill University.

What’s up, brew? 
Following the success of the previous years, Pint of Science 2019 returns to city pubs with a few novelties! The festival has doubled the number of cities where events will take place. This year, Pint of Science will flow in 25 Canadian cities in 8 provinces with 12 cities joining the adventure such as Vancouver (BC), Saskatoon (SK), Winnipeg (MB), and Halifax (NS). For the first time, some events will be broadcasted live, allowing cities without universities nearby to join the festival. Pint of Science topics include all fields of science, from astronomy to zoology including environment, bioethics, chemistry, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. For example, a couple notable speakers this year include, Dr. Mika McKinnon in Vancouver, a disaster specialist and sci-fi advisor, and scientists from the University of Calgary will demonstrate how microbes can be incorporated in solar cells. ‘It isn’t easy to decide which events to attend because there are so many interesting topics… Luckily, only good choices can be made and the festival lasts for 3 days!”, says Alexandra Gellé. This year, Pint of Science will give away plantable coasters, made from recycled paper containing basil seeds. The public can bring home this green souvenir to plant while waiting for Pint of Science 2020 to brew. Also, a special Pint of Science beer, the ‘Brain storm IPA’, is currently being brewed by Wellington Brewery and will be available in Guelph (ON) for Pint of Science attendees.

Book your tickets, before there are none left! 
Tickets can be booked for free on the event website. The festival is open to everyone and does not require any science background. Come ask questions, and maybe even inspire researchers with new ideas! Every night, two short presentations are given by scientists, interspersed by trivia quizzes, live experiments, science slams, and more!


SOURCE Pint of Science Canada