Montana DOT Selects Aurigo Masterworks Cloud Software In Multi Million Dollar Deal To Streamline Its Capital Program Planning, Project Delivery And Fund Management Software

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Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has selected Aurigo Masterworks Cloud through a competitive selection process and will use the enterprise cloud software via a five-year contract to streamline their processes for capital planning, construction project management and Fund Management of its capital infrastructure program.

“Aurigo is honored to partner with the state of Montana to execute its vision and mission on improving the quality, economic vitality and safety of its residents and commuters!”  said Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO of Aurigo Software Technologies Inc.

Montana Department of Transportation is projected to spend $2.49 billion toward its highway, right of way and capital construction projects between 2018-2022. This investment represents a major commitment to the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT’s) mission –Moving Montana Forward, and ensuring a transportation infrastructure that gets Montanans to their jobs, healthcare, shopping, recreation and daily activities without giving roads, bridges, and transportation in general a second thought. MDT’s current Program and Project Management System (PPMS) was implemented in 2003. In the current state, each business function has process and information requirements not met by the PPMS application.

In order to improve its efficiency and reduce the potential for human errors, MDT decided to replace its existing project management software with an integrated commercially off the shelf (COTS) software to streamline its entire capital planning, construction project management and Fund Management system. The goal of this procurement is to obtain and implement the best long-term, innovative solution for a Program and Project Management system that will support MDT’s functional business areas of program/project management and funds management.

MDT wanted to select a modern software that handled the entire project lifecycle, starting with project identification and scoping, project selection and programming from project initiation to close out. After careful due diligence of various technology vendors in the market place, MDT has selected America’s leading capital program and project management software suite, Aurigo Masterworks Cloud in a five-year contract to address its technology needs.


SOURCE Aurigo Software