RACE-CAP™ Launches RACE-PAY™, the First of Its Digital Money Apps for Everyone

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RACE-CAP Inc. (“RACE-CAP”), a global blockchain-based solutions developer, today announced the launch of RACE-PAY, the first of RACE-CAP’s apps designed to give the world easier access to digital money (“Money Apps”).

RACE-PAY will simplify the management of both traditional and digital currencies. It is intended to enable anyone with a bank account to send and receive funds, exchange money, and even make investments – all in one app – quickly and securely.  The app will include the ability to send money within an internal chat window in addition to a news and information portal.  Not all features will be available in the initial release, as RACE-CAP is committed to ensuring that it operates in compliance with regulations in the marketplaces it will serve.  Additional features will be added as the product is systematically upgraded.

“The emerging world of digital money is difficult for most people to navigate,” says Arthur Davis, Chairman and CEO of RACE-CAP. “RACE-PAY starts to bridge the gap between the old and new economies.”

With its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, RACE-PAY helps people new to the leading digital currencies transition from traditional to digital assets, so they can participate in the fast-growing new financial reality.

RACE-CAP’s mission is to bring the performance advantages of blockchain technology to individuals and businesses everywhere, by creating global digital Money Apps and a proprietary network to power them.

“I founded RACE-CAP to empower everyone to achieve economic freedom through easy access to the blockchain technologies of the future, based on today’s digital economy,” said Arthur.

“Through the development of a suite of vertically integrated, desktop and mobile-based products and services, RACE-CAP intends to bring ‘Blockchain to Life’™ and aims to set the standard in the blockchain-based digital asset industry.”

RACE-CAP welcomes everyone to register now at www.race-cap.com to be notified as soon as RACE-PAY becomes available for download from the Android and Apple App stores – and learn of other products and services as they become available.