Bespoke Announces World’s First AI Chatbot App for Resort Train Travelers

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Bespoke, creators of the world’s first AI-powered chatbot designed for hotels, airports, train stations and cities, today announce the launch of Bebot on JR East’s world famous resort trains and the availability of Bebot for US-based locations and businesses. Bebot, Bespoke’s AI chatbot, guides foreign travelers riding on JR East’s Izu Craile Resort Train along the Izu Peninsula – a world-famous international travel destination. With Bespoke’s recent launch into the US Market, Bebot is available to guide travelers at US-based travel and tourist destinations including stations and hotels.

Bespoke’s world-leading, unique AI technology is augmented by on-the-ready, seamless, human chat to continuously improve, teach and optimize their AI technology, providing customers and travelers with a no-compromise, reliable source of information. Bebot’s advanced AI was developed to provide travelers with essential information and tips in an intuitive and familiar, yet powerful chat service – providing the confidence needed to venture out of city centers to explore remote parts of travel destinations. Additional Bespoke Bebot customers include Narita International Airport, JR Tokyo Station and leading hotels, including Hotel New Otani and Holiday Inn.

“Bebot offers Japanese hospitality in an easy-to-use, familiar chat interface,” said Akemi Tsunagawa, founder and CEO of Bespoke. “We are proud to bring our AI assistant to international travelers, allowing anyone to have their own personal guide to answer questions, provide tips and help them throughout their adventure.”

In addition to providing information about events, amenities, menu options, Bebot provides travelers with vital details about each stations and destinations. The chatbot provides essential information, such as details about main attractions close to a location, allowing travelers to relax and fully enjoy their trips, knowing that convenient help is available on their phones at all times.

Travelers access Bebot by scanning a QR code found on a placard placed in seat pockets and also featured on posters throughout a traVEL station – no additional downloads are necessary. Users can also access Bebot by visiting a businesses’ website.

Bebot offers multiple advantages to transit, travel and tourism companies. First, automating the fulfillment of simple traveler requests reduces operational costs for the railway company. Second, Bebot can assist in directing traveler traffic to specific areas by seamlessly sending recommendations in chat. Third, Bebot can collect passenger insights to find business opportunities and collect feedback to improve railway facilities and services.


SOURCE Bespoke