Chinese International School Rapidly and Easily Expands Its Cloud-managed Network Across Multiple Campuses With Aerohive® HiveManager

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Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), a leader in cloud-managed networking, today announced the prestigious Chinese International School in Hong Kong has adopted and expanded its cloud-managed network across multiple campuses using the newest version of HiveManager®, Aerohive’s cloud-based network management platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Chinese International School is a private school with over 30 ethnicities represented and is widely recognized as the best academically focused institution in Hong Kong. Originally opened in 1983, the school has expanded over the years to include multiple campuses with over 1,500 students and 320 staff members. There is an average of 2,600 clients connected to the network on a given day.

A key aspect of the Aerohive experience is how the cloud-based network management platform, HiveManager, handles firmware updates quickly and easily. HiveManager allows the school to update a few access points at a time so it can test in a controlled environment prior to rolling out to the entire school.

“The Aerohive network runs on autopilot. Day to day, we don’t have to even think about it,” said Sunil Talwar, deputy director of operations, Chinese International School.

Aerohive and Data World Computer & Communication Limited first worked with the staff at Hangzhou school to ensure adoption and expansion of the Wi-Fi network was finished on time, on budget, and the requirements were satisfied with no additional onsite hardware.

“Chinese International School (CIS) is another great example that Aerohive’s cloud-managed architecture is the best, most reliable solution in its class, providing a very compressive answer to address the need of expansions and green field deployments,” said Ronen Cojocaru, AVP, sales, APAC. Aerohive’s latest technology, powered by artificial intelligence, Client 360, and Network 360, provides fast and easy connectivity, leading the Asia-Pacific region to sustainable growth across all segments and also into Service Providers across APAC.”

After finishing the Hangzhou campus, Aerohive and Data World Computer & Communication Limited went to work on the Hong Kong campus deployment. With Aerohive’s distributed model, the installation and management of an additional campus was drastically easier to deploy than an alternative controller-based installation. Like the Hangzhoucampus, no onsite hardware was needed to connect the new access points to HiveManager.


SOURCE Aerohive Networks