The Bitcoin SV Developers Hackathon: 3 Companies Win Direct Investment

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It is always hard with any contest-based investment not to lapse into cliché and talk of ‘incredible standards’, ‘amazing talent’ and, of course, ‘really tough decisions’ but…

…what can be said for certain is the Bitcoin SV (BSV) chain’s ‘set in stone’ protocol has had the desired effect, namely; attracting swathes of highly-sophisticated developers to build solutions on top of the existing protocol, safe in the knowledge that the underlying ‘plumbing’ will never be changed.

Held last week in Toronto at The CoinGeek Conference, and sold out at 150 developer-specific places, the hackathon judges have voted and the winners of the Bitcoin Association‘s first ever Bitcoin SV hackathon are as follows:

1st place with a prize of 250 BSV – UptimeSV
2nd place with a prize of 100 BSV – TonicPow
3rd Place with a prize of 50 BSV- PolyGlot

UptimeSV: Provides distributed performance and uptime monitoring for robust, DDoS-hardened enterprise systems that is, of course, powered by Bitcoin SV and enables anyone to earn BSV by installing an app and getting paid to participate in uptime tests for clients of the platform. UptimeSV was developed by an Australia-based team who go by the name of Demonstrandium led by Dean Little (captain) with Brent Bevear, and Jye Turner.

TonicPow: A peer to peer advertising platform enabling users to monetize their site and earn Bitcoin SV directly from advertisers who can also promote their product with ease or raise money with crowd funding “Tonics.” TonicPow was developed by a Canada-based team of Attila Aros (captain), Luke Rohenaz, and Austin Rappaport.

Polyglot: is designed to be Bitcoin SV’s most intuitive way to interact with a myriad of metanet protocols through python, thus smoothing to entry path for new developers to Bitcoin SV - it’s a match made in heaven. Polyglot was developed by a New Zealand-based developer is Hayden Joshua Donnelly, operating under username “AustEcon.”

But, naturally, the world keeps turning and the very word ‘developer’ means the momentum must never stop; so we would like to invite even more of you to CoinGeek Seoul, in the first week of October to find more solutions and create yet more business-friendly additions to the BSV blockchain. The only chain that can do it all and scales, now.