WANdisco plc (“WANdisco” or the “Company”) Launch of LiveMigrator Product

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WANdisco plc (LSE: WAND) the Live Data company, announces the launch of LiveMigrator, a solution enabling the migration of petabyte scale live data to the cloud. Through applying WANdisco’s unique non-blocking live data technology, LiveMigrator allows migration from on-premise to the cloud in a single pass without a costly interruption to service and at significantly greater speed than previously possible.

LiveMigrator’s automated process enables enterprises’ on-premise data to be seamlessly migrated to the cloud and WANdisco’s core Fusion technology keeps the migrated data consistent with on-premise data, forming a hybrid cloud. Data stays coordinated and secure while enabling enterprises to comply with strict availability and performance service level agreements.

Previously available migration technology required costly and high-risk multiple passes to migrate data potentially over a period of months, blocking access to critical applications during migration.

The combination of WANdisco’s LiveMigrator and WANdisco’s Fusion provides enterprises with a single platform to seamlessly adopt the full benefits of cloud computing for all its data and accelerate the path towards a digital enterprise.

David Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of WANdisco, commented:

“WANdisco LiveMigrator enables for the first time the mass migration of petabyte scale data to the cloud without interruption to service. Working in harmony with WANdisco Fusion, the Company can now support businesses through their entire live data journey from on premises to multi-cloud. We believe WANdisco LiveMigrator is the fundamental missing technology for large scale enterprise cloud adoption.”

“The risk and cost of data migration has been a significant barrier to entry to cloud and multi-cloud ecosystems – a bottleneck for growth and innovation. As cloud accessibility increases, a greater number of enterprises will harness the power of multi-cloud, stimulating the development of data led technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotic process automation.”

Through WANdisco’s technology enterprises now have support across the three stages of data movement to the cloud. Firstly, the use of LiveMigrator to provide non-blocking data movement to the cloud followed by the hybrid cloud phase of keeping data consistent between on-premise and the cloud to enable the porting of applications. Finally, the enablement of multi-cloud that enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of each cloud’s unique or best-performing services for specific objectives. With this approach WANdisco is accelerating the rate of cloud adoption and preparing businesses for a multi-cloud strategy facilitated by WANdisco Fusion.


SOURCE WANdisco plc