eBay Power Lunch With Warren Buffett Moves to San Francisco

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The 20th annual eBay Power of One Lunch with Warren Buffett will take place July 25 in San Francisco, the participants announced today.

Justin Sun, founder of blockchain platform company TRON and CEO of San Francisco-based BitTorrent, won a lunch with Buffett by bidding a record $4.56 million to close a five-day auction, which benefits the GLIDE Foundation, a Bay Area charity that for decades has worked to help the homeless, needy and those battling substance abuse.

“We decided to move this year’s lunch to a restaurant in the Bay Area to further shine the spotlight on GLIDE’s amazing charitable efforts,” Sun said. “I’ve also said we want to bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and institutional investors. Nowhere is that goal more apt than in the heartland of tech.”

The eBay Power of One Lunch with Warren Buffett traditionally is held at Smith & Wollensky in New York. The host restaurant in the past has donated $100,000 to GLIDE’s fund-raising efforts. In lieu of that donation, Sun will donate another $100,000 to GLIDE.

Additional details on the location and time of the lunch will be announced at a later date. Sun also has the option to invite seven guests.