HealthChampion Announces HIPAA Compliance Of Electronic Health Records App

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HealthChampion ( — the world’s first platform giving people unprecedented control over their healthcare information to improve their individual health goals and outcomes — is now fully HIPAA compliant.

With the fundamental belief that people should be able to access their own health data as easily as their credit score, HealthChampion is developing an app that enables consumers to do precisely that. In addition, HealthChampion — from the very beginning — also focused on the highest level of protection for people’s health data.

“Health data is personal and highly sensitive. That’s why every one of our staff members — from IT to marketing — went through extensive, vigorous HIPAA compliance training. Each new hire will, as well,” says Nick Biernat, Manager of Information Services and Compliance at HealthChampion.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance is the entire health care industry’s third-party HIPAA verification. There is no formal HIPAA compliance certification from the federal government or subsidiary regulatory agencies. U.S. health care professionals rely on companies such as the Compliancy Group to demonstrate their compliance.

“App users deserve to know how their data is being used,” adds Terrence M. Ryan, HealthChampion CEO. “We are accountable to consumers and hold ourselves to the highest standard of security, promising to safeguard their personal health information. In fact, we hope all app developers in this sector will take their customers’ privacy seriously and also become HIPAA compliant.”


SOURCE HealthChampion