Core Scientific launches the first AIRI-Ready Datacenter

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Core Scientific today announced it is partnering with Pure Storage to build a hosted AI Ready Infrastructure (AIRI) to power the Cloud for Data Scientists™.  Built on AIRI, the market-leading AI-at-scale solution that combines NVIDIA DGX Systems for GPU compute and Pure Storage FlashBlade, Core Scientific now provides AI infrastructure-as-a-service for large scale deep learning and data analytics work. Data Scientists can now develop and train models significantly faster, and utilize much larger data sets.

Core Scientific is a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies, delivering best-in-class infrastructure and software solutions. In an increasingly distributed and connected world, Core Scientific believes AI and blockchain will fundamentally change the way information is processed, shared and stored across a range of industries.

Core Scientific’s CEO, Kevin Turner said, “Our goal with the AIRI-Ready Data Center is to be best in class for AI hosting and infrastructure. We are creating a Cloud for Data Scientists™ that enables them to quickly deploy the most advanced computing solutions for deep learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.”

AIRI ( simplifies the complexities of AI infrastructure with an integrated solution for enterprises large and small. AI demands are beyond the capability of legacy serial CPUs and spinning disks. AIRI delivers linear, scale-out performance to simplify AI-at-scale deployment so that Data Scientists can focus on algorithms and business leaders can focus on customer outcomes, not infrastructure.

“AIRI is a complete infrastructure, tuned from software to hardware to keep the GPUs busy for workloads at any scale,” said Amy Fowler, VP of Strategy & Solutions for FlashBlade, Pure Storage. “As computational demands grow, additional DGX servers can be provisioned in the high-performance fabric. Similarly, as storage capacity or performance demands grow, additional blades can be added to the FlashBlade systems allowing for instant access to all available datasets with zero downtime.”


SOURCE Core Scientific