Eosfinex Opens for Trading; Launches on Mainnet EOS

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Bitfinex have today announced the completion of eosfinex, an on-chain trading platform built on EOSio technology.

With a focus on the combination of decentralisation and low latency, eosfinex has been developed by Bitfinex to further the abilities of peer-to-peer value exchange, allowing for high volume trading on the EOS blockchain.

Commenting on the launch, Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer at Bitfinex, said, EOS was picked as the foundation for eosfinex due to its potential for high-throughput, low-latency transactions, and the results of the beta period have further confirmed our confidence in its capabilities.”

EOSio, the underlying technology of eosfinex, allows for the horizontal scaling of decentralised applications, which in turn enables developers to create high performance distributed applications.

The launch of eosfinex follows a four month beta period. Development was complemented by a community-led bug bounty programme and various feature requests from the EOS community, with these ultimately contributing significantly to optimisations and product enhancements to the eosfinex platform.

“The launch of eosfinex is a further testament to the exceptional qualities of the Bitfinex development team, and we are incredibly pleased to continue the second stage of this journey,” concluded Paolo Ardoino.

Following the comprehensive launch of eosfinex, the platform smart contracts will be open-sourced to allow for enhanced community integration and development.


SOURCE iFinex (Bitfinex)