MasterMind Latino returns to Miami with ten “success teachers”

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The European Institute of Efficient Intelligence (IEIE) and Cala Enterprises will be holding MasterMind Latino in Miami for the second time. At this summit, CEOs from several large companies explain their management models, their corporate trajectories, and their personal challenges.

From October 17 to 19, 2019, ten CEOs from leading companies throughout the Americas and Spain will become teachers to a select group of executives. Space will be limited, and admission will be strictly in order of registration.

These “success teachers” will share their experiences, achievements, the failures they turned into lessons, and the strategies that have led them to success, in the best television-interviewing style with Ismael Cala.

The summit is the perfect location for attendees to exchange ideas, knowledge, and business opportunities.

This year the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, will receive the MasterMind Latino Award 2019.

“After the success of the first summit when President Álvaro Uribe received the award, this year we will hear from CEOs of global companies, and we will celebrate the continent-wide leadership of Luis Almagro. I am grateful for the support of Ismael Cala and all of the participants,” said Estrella Flores-Carretero, president of the European Institute for Efficient Intelligence.

The invited speakers are:

  • Alexander W. Wehr, president and CEO of the BMW Group in Latin America (Germany)
  • Isabel Noboa Pontón, CEO, founder and executive president of Consorcio Nobis (Ecuador)
  • Ignacio Prado García-Miró, CEO, president of the Corporate Board of Grupo El Comercio (Peru)
  • Lucía Urbán López, vice president of Cerealto Siro and of Fundación Grupo Siro (Spain)
  • Alfonso Swett Opazo, CEO, president of the Confederation for Production and Commerce (Chile)
  • Mario Hernández Zambrano, CEO and founder of Mario Hernández (Colombia)
  • Juan Manuel González Serna, president of Grupo Siro and a member of the Board of Directors of Iberdrola Spain and other companies (Spain)
  • Luis Ángel López, president of Cerealto Foods (Spain)


SOURCE Cala Enterprises