Launcher.ID Provides Clarifies Allegation of the P2P Fintech Company Name’s Misuse



Launcher.ID, a business consultancy company with a focus on market entry services for digital business, today announces its clarification on the recent press release published on February 20, 2020 by Indonesian Joint Funding Association (AFPI), for alleged profiteering of the three association members on the company’s website.

According to the article, AFPI stated that the Launcher.ID has misused the logo and name of the three Fintech Lending (P2P) companies and AFPI’s members, Crowdo, Mekar, and PinjamDuit, into the Launcher.ID’s website. The company has clearly clarified this case on December 2019.

“Responding to the case of the logo and company name misuse, we have sent our response through email and direct letters to these three fintech lending (P2P) companies since December 13, 2019. We also copied the letter directly to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as an official regulatory agency, and since then we have removed the company logo and name from our website, as well as announced the clarification statement to finalize the case,” said Rahmat Adrian, Managing Director of Launcher.ID.

Since the press release was published, Launcher.ID has also made further clarification statement to AFPI on February 22, 2020, that the case has been resolved with the consent those related P2P lending companies, at the end of 2019.

“We fully understand the role of AFPI as an association that facilitates P2P companies in setting out a financial inclusion practices in Indonesia. Hence, we see that the press release published on February 20, 2020 has projected an information disclosure conducted by AFPI, as is the association’s function to continuously protect and educate all their members,” added Alifia Putri, one of the founders of Launcher.ID.

Following the clarification, Launcher.ID has fully understood that the case was part of business practice, that required active coordination and communication among all stakeholders. Together with AFPI, Launcher.ID is now committed to continuously guide and assist the healthy ecosystem of fintech lending (P2P) industry, while providing transparency and accountability to every stakeholder.

Founded in early 2019, Launcher.ID was initiated by Rahmat Adrian, Rafif Rizqullah, and Alifia Putri. The company focuses on market entry services for digital business and providing additional values for Indonesian SMEs companies to begin their business operations in Indonesia. Launcher.ID realizes that every new and pioneering company will require a lot of guidance and assistance, in terms of technical, cost, and technology.

As part of the P2P lending ecosystem, on February 12, 2020, Launcher.ID has completed the P2PL Quality Improvement Socialization and Discussion held by OJK. With this participation, the company has strengthened its position to support a conducive fintech lending (P2P) ecosystem in Indonesia.

Advancing the startups and SMEs’ facilities in Indonesia, Launcher.ID also presents various added values in its features, including the Dedicated Dashboard that is now in underdevelopment phase. This upcoming feature will help facilitating the initial process of establishing and maintaining new company documents, such as business incorporation, sector licensing, and registration of property intellectual.

Rahmat Adrian added, “We are aware that these licensing aspects are being a new challenge for startups and SMEs in running their business. By bringing technology into the process, we make the process easier to help local startups and SMEs to be globally competitive in facing the dynamic market developments.”

As a further commitment to help the digital business companies growing at a rapid pace, Launcher.ID has participated in Startup Factory at the 2019 Tech in Asia Conference in Jakarta on last October 2019.


SOURCE Launcher.ID