BPC Joins Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program



BPC today announced that it has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program, which makes it quicker and easier for fintechs to leverage Visa’s global payments network and introduce new payment experiences. This strategic initiative is a response to the surge in demand among fintech players to enhance their product propositions, expanding beyond their core businesses.

BPC joins Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program as preferred technology enablement partner, providing essential technology that lays the foundation for fintechs to build their own products. As a leader in payment solutions and services, BPC has unrivalled payment expertise and its robust SmartVista platform is adopted in more than 80 countries.

By joining the Fintech Fast Track Program, fintechs from APAC, EMEA and LATAM can connect to BPC and gain access to robust, secure and instant payments solutions through VisaNet, in addition to value-add connections with national payment systems and governments to offer a differentiated retail, commerce or business customer experience. BPC’s SmartVista platform is also certified under the Visa Ready program.

BPC will provide fintechs with software as a service (SaaS) or processing as a service (PaaS) models using its new paytech Radar Payments’ international processing centre. This centre is already hosting numerous fintechs, payment service providers (PSPs) and neobanks, enabling them to go to market faster, with lower operational costs and a highly competitive minimum viable product.

Jane Loginova, co-founder of Radar Payments by BPC, shared her view: “As a private organisation, we empathise with fintechs facing the challenge of making the right technology investment to launch a compelling proposition while limiting cash flow risk. We have designed a payment as a service model leveraging VisaNet that makes it possible for fintechs to launch a fully-fledged financial offering without having to invest in their own infrastructure or acquire complex payment expertise. We handle all payment functions so fintechs can focus on their core business and the customer experience.”

Peter Theunis, co-founder of Radar Payments by BPC, commented: “We are proud to partner with Visa and join the Fintech Fast Track Program to spur the creation of new commerce and payment experiences. We have the capability to help launch a fintech, PSP or neobank in a matter of weeks through our white-label payment services. As our name suggests, we fly under the radar of our clients to respond to market changes with agility so that they can focus on business growth. While the cost to launch is dramatically reduced, the offering is not. Our technology, cloud expertise, certification and experience with Visa makes it possible to co-innovate and enable these new players to go to market faster in a highly competitive payment world.”

Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program allows both new and established businesses to leverage the speed, security, reliability and scale of Visa’s global network to get up and running quickly, shortening the process from months to weeks. It has extended its coverage to include Visa Direct origination.

The program provides turnkey access to Visa’s ecosystem partners, online licensing and APIs, as well as extensive go-to-market tool kits, online education and expert advice to help fintechs scale their business with peace of mind. Since expanding globally in mid-2019, the Fintech Fast Track program has grown by 280%.