PrimeXBT Launches Covesting Copy Trading Platform To The Public


PrimeXBT, an award-winning Bitcoin-based margin trading platform offering forex, stock indices, commodities, and more under one roof, has officially launched the Covesting copy trading platform to the public.

Covesting Copy Trading Platform Now Available To All On PrimeXBT

Covesting, an innovative copy trading platform, is now available on PrimeXBT starting today. As a result of an ongoing B2B partnership and white label licensing agreement in cooperation with Europe-based fintech software developer, Covesting, the platform connects traders with followers, enabling them to profit from one another synergistically.

Experienced traders can earn up to 20% of follower equity profit by creating a successful trading strategy. The Covesting module on PrimeXBT tracks all strategy metrics in a public rating system, such as ROI, daily profit, equity, and total followers. Followers earn up to 70% of the profits generated by these traders, making it a highly attractive platform for those willing to tap into the expertise of other top market participants.

Successful Beta Traders Strategies Generate $1 Million In Follower Equity

The public launch comes nearly four months following the anticipated release of the Covesting beta on PrimeXBT. The platform quickly garnered widespread interest within the trading community and amassed over $1 million in follower equity. As indicated by fully transparent success statistics, following the platform’s best traders brought followers earnings of as much as $2,000 and up with very little starting capital.

With Covesting now open to the public, the number and quality of strategies and traders will increase exponentially through fierce competition and strict capital management. Accessing the tool requires signing up for a free PrimeXBT trading account. Existing clients can access the Covesting public launch immediately. Users from start to finish can buy Bitcoin, fund their trading accounts, and access the Covesting platform in just a few clicks.

Using Covesting, followers can enjoy stress-free trading. Trading and following other skilled traders carries risk, however, and requires careful capital management. Past results are not a guarantee for future success. PrimeXBT and Covesting remind users never to invest more than they can afford to lose.

PrimeXBT and Covesting Offer Future Roadmap Of Updates, More Information

PrimeXBT and Covesting also revealed several upcoming features as part of a future development roadmap. The roadmap includes stop-loss functionality for followers to limit unwanted drawdown, strategy description editing post-launch, various added risk management features, additional honing of the rating system weighting logic, and integration of the COV token.

To learn more about the development roadmap, please visit the Covesting blog:

To learn more about what the Covesting public launch can offer traders and investors, please visit the PrimeXBT blog: