How AI is Reshaping the special Education Sector?

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A shifting and ever-changing industry, when it comes to the education sector, adapting teaching methods is a must to ensure children can continue to learn and develop within their education.

From the rise of homeschooling during the global pandemic that is COVID-19, to the inclusion of digital resources to offer a more comprehensive learning experience. Through the rise of the latest technology, the presence of AI has been spotted making it way into classrooms. 

Within the education sector, the special needs sector requires additional support in ensuring that students are able to be nurtured and learn in a unique and supportive way. This is where AI can help. Helping to reshape and mold a unique experience for the students, AI plays a crucial role within the special education sector.

This we will dive into and review within this article. Together we will look at how AI is reshaping the special needs education sector and the benefits that artificial intelligence can have on SEN students. 


What do special educational needs mean?

Special education schools or SEN for short are schools catered to pupils and young adults with special needs. Special needs is a disability or learning problem that affects their ability and prevents them from learning the same as other children in their age group. This can affect their school work, education, and behavior.

To combat this issue and to offer pupils the chance to learn and thrive in an environment where their needs are catered to, special education schools are often recommended. 

Specialists in the industry, teachers at an SEN school are aware of the needs of the pupil and have the facilities to work with the pupils to help them develop as they grow. 

From sensory rooms, a specialist trained teachers, to the inclusion of AI in special education, keep reading to discover how ai is shaping the special education sector. 


What is artificial intelligence?

We have all heard the phrase artificial intelligence or ai thrown around. But, what exactly does it mean? Artificial intelligence is a technology that teaches a computer to think like a human. By programming a brain into the computer, it can think more like a human and complete task previously manually conducted by people. By programming in data, this technology can review its surroundings and make a response from its understanding of the facts as previously taught. 

More familiar with ai than we would originally have thought, ai is a staple part of our routine without us even knowing.

From Facebook alerts that pop up in our feed, to our braking sensors in our car, artificial intelligence is a familiar feature and one that we have come to rely on in recent years.

Available to be used in a mixture of different industries and with the job role of ai, not yet cemented, many different companies and sectors are reviewing ways to streamline their processes through the addition of artificial intelligence. This addition of ai can be seen through its inclusion within the educational system and the benefits that it brings.


How AI can be used in education?

From its recent emergence in Berkshire boarding schools to the creation of online learning materials for homeschooled pupils, ai is shaping the education system. But, what is the role of ai in special education?


Personalized experience

One of the first ways that ai is reshaping and benefiting the special education sector and that is the creation of a more personalized learning experience. Able to reshape and mold lesson plans to the pupil’s needs, this can create a lesson plan that is suited to the child’s needs, skills and own unique pace. Helping pupils learn to the best of their ability. 

With one style of teaching suited to one pupil, it is not to say that this style of teaching will benefit another. AI can help. Removing some of the pressure off the teacher, this technology can help create personalized programs, revolutionizing the educational system.


Improving attention span

Another way that ai in special education is benefiting the pupil and that is through the increased attention span of the student. 

Through the use of interactive apps and personalized material through artificial intelligence, this can capture and hold the student’s attention. In turn, improving their attention span and concentration. The more attention they hold to the lesson and the more they engage, the more they will learn and enjoy learning the topic at hand. 


Student awareness

One of the final ways that ai in special education is playing a role and that is the improved student awareness. With artificial intelligence, pupils can be more engaged and participate in a fuller level during their lessons. This heightened interaction from the student can be seen and highlight areas within their curriculum that need further attention and more devotion. 

AI can also pinpoint certain areas where the student engages more fully and can create and update the lesson plan to tailor the lesson to feature elements that could engage the pupils’ concentration. With improved student awareness, technology can discover the characteristics of each pupil and generate the correct learning plan to ensure that they can develop to the fullest. 



As technology develops, so does the role and the ability to AI. With artificial intelligence, a vital component within many different fields, the inclusion of ai in special education has proved useful in ensuring that pupils can develop and enhance their educational experience.

With special education pupils requiring a more individualized learning experience, SEN pupils often struggle to concentrate and learn the same as students in state schools.

Requiring the use of multiple learning methods, specialist teachers and equipment required to help guide pupils and get them learning regardless of their disability, AI can help.

Helping to aid and create a more engaging experience and with greater attention experienced, AI also holds the key to discovering the individual characteristics of the student. What captures their attention? What learning method best benefits their needs?

A vital tool, AI is shaping the special education sector and helping to give SEN pupils that extra push, benefiting their education.

As technologies develop, so will the use of ai in special education, advances that we are excited to see.