Beyorch launches three-tier program to help businesses raise capital

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Today Beyorch (beyork) launches a three-tier program for businesses looking to raise capital without forgoing any business equity.

“The three-tier Beyorch Professional Services plan allows business owners to retain their equity and instead pay a flat fee in an effort to raise capital to grow their businesses, while experiencing the effects of a stock exchange without having to go public,” said Andre Villeroy, CEO of Beyorch. “This plan is something long overdue in the Fintech space.”

Businesses looking to raise capital can choose from one of three plans:

The Business Tier is for businesses looking to raise $60 million over three years.
The Enterprise Tier is for businesses looking to raise $150 million over three years.
The Fortune 1 Tier is for businesses looking to raise $500 million over three years.

To become a Beyorch Professional Services client, companies need to maintain an average daily balance of $1 million or more.

“If your total balance doesn’t meet our requirements, we may work with you to determine an alternative Beyorch product,” Villeroy said.

Business owners will have the opportunity to work with a Beyorch corporate manager, a Beyorch specialist and a professional service advisor as they navigate the money-raising process.

“We make customer service a top priority at Beyorch,” Villeroy added. “We want your experience to be top notch.”

Some of the ways Beyorch is different is that they allow everyday investors the opportunity to invest in the Beyorch Exchange with as little as $1,000. Traditionally, when it comes to private equity investing, investors have had to invest as much as $200,000 to participate.

“We wanted to offer something for the middle class,” Villeroy added. “We see this as a way to level the playing field by allowing for monthly dividends from 8 to 20 percent that don’t coincide with exhausting fees.”

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