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Imperium Group Shares Its Picks on The Top Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2020


New York, NY, Feb. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireImperium Group’s CEO Shazir Mucklai had a chance to collaborate with TheKerplunk to look for top entrepreneurs who are poised to make an impact in 2020. The year 2019 saw many changes in the start-up ecosystem. While many new start-ups emerged, a few became unicorns. Pulling the curtain off these start-ups which have the most unique, most distinct concept and of course, these start-ups are changing the face of the startup world.In the world of ever-changing markets you have to be able to move fast and adapt in order to stay on top. There are many factors that play out when it comes to being successful in your specific niche. A few simple ways to stay ahead of the competition is by constantly brainstorming new ideas to grow, creating new strategies to become more efficient, and keeping track of your audience.Here are some exciting entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020:
Sheeraz Hasan, CEO of Sheeraz Inc. Not many people can boast they have access to 3 billion clicks. Meet Sheeraz Hasan. Now based primarily out of LA and Dubai, he is an entrepreneur, social media expert and internationally acclaimed real-time amplification and media strategist who has overseen campaigns for some of the most recognized brands, celebrities and government agencies in the world.He has a direct network to social media influencers that reach over 3 billion people across all social media networks. Hasan also manages marketing campaigns and works directly with a number of world-famous celebrities including Kim Kardashian, JLO, Ace Family, Lele Pons, Logan and Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton and the Jackson family, among others, generating over $2bn in earned media.Thomas Carter, CEO, DealBoxDigital securities pioneer and capital markets innovator Thomas Carter is the leading mentor and evangelist for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Carter launched into entrepreneurship in the 80s with the founding of the hugely successful wakeboarding industry venture known as Thruster. “Thruster and other action sports brands went on to become one of the most innovative companies in the action sports area in the late 80’s and early 90’s,” Carter says. “At that point my passion for entrepreneurship caught on fire. I pivoted to tech in the mid-90’s through the early 2000s. After taking two companies public , I realized it was time for a change, and the foundations for my current companies were born from 2002-2004.”In 2016, Carter founded DealBox, A FinTech Merchant Bank and capital markets consulting firm focused on innovation and democratizing venture capital by leveraging blockchain technology. DealBox empowers entrepreneurs and investors to take advantage of the tremendous capital formation and growth opportunities offered by blockchain technology. Thomas on DealBox, “DealBox is the culmination of 25 years of venture capital funding experience. DealBox has been setting the standard for how data is presented and shared in private equity investment workflow.Josh Pendrick, CEO of RypplzzJosh Pendrick is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of driving transformational results for Fortune 500 organizations. His prior experience includes executive marketing roles at Atari, Evite and Salesforce.com. Rypplzz is a spatial computing company that created Interlife, a technology that intelligently connects physical environments with enhanced connectivity features and enables data to exist and be stored at specific locations of 3D airspace.  Edward Shatverov, Investor and Entrepreneur Edward Shatverov is an American E-Commerce entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor who has already become a millionaire by the ripe age of 18 years old. When he was 15, Shatverov wanted to do something different. While all his peers were arguing over who had the best Yeezy shoe models and fidget spinners, Edward had something else on his mind. He wanted to leave a legacy.Shatverov has grown his Instagram profile to over 150k followers, and it’s not because he was posting random selfies. Early on, Edward Shatverov saw the e-commerce marketing opportunity and decided to capture it.Now, fast-forward a few years, and he runs a 7-figure e-commerce marketing empire, but he wants others to know that it’s possible for them too. Shatverov says, “Life is amazing, isn’t it? It’s crazy because if 5 years ago someone told me I’d be a millionaire, I wouldn’t believe them.”Dr. Azza Halim, Board-Certified AnesthesiologistHalim is a multi-speciality trained physician in aesthetic medicine and a member of The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Halim says, “Reasons to look younger than your chronological age are many, ranging from enhancing self-esteem, as a part of an overall regimen to look and feel younger, or even professional career motivations or social reasons – such as returning to the dating scene or even an upcoming reunion.”Azza MD Beauty is creating customized anti-aging treatment plans and beauty solutions are a major focus of the medical practice of Azza Halim, MD, a board-certified physician/anesthesiologist. Dr. Halim has a broad background in this field through her work with a wide range of surgeons and dermatologists who have mentored and trained her extensively.Adis Gutic and Damian Perna, Founders of Encore Jets Damian Perna and Adis Gutic founders of Encore Jets – a startup in the jet charter space that has built a three sided platform to benefit the industry, along with a wide set of algorithms to make it work. The company has aggressive plans to develop more innovative tech as well as expand its reach geographically.Kale & Trevor, Partners of Real Business OwnersKale & Trevor are Partners of Real Business Owners a brand with over 61K followers on their Instagram that focuses on bringing real knowledge, tools, and resources to help business owners succeed. They are on this list because of their dedication and success over the years. Kale Goodman started his first business at the age of 23 which turned into a 3 million dollar business within its first 2 years. Which led to 15 years later doing over $10M in revenue. He’s a partner at Easier Accounting which is on pace to break 8 figures this year. Trevor Cowley is a serial entrepreneur and has been since 2013. He’s now a co-owner of 5 different companies. In 2019 he and his partners broke over $10M in revenue.Jake DeMichele, CEO/President at JDM Capital SolutionsDeMichele tells us, “When first creating your business you have three main gain goals. Solidify your infrastructure such as your systems, and processes, and then solely focus on revenue generating activity. This should be your main focus until you hit at least 20K a month in net revenue.” Frank Ricotta, CEO at Burst IQRicotta tells us, “First, make a difference: for your customers, for your employees, and for your community. Second, have fun. Surround yourself with smart and happy people who challenge you and like working with each other. Third, make money: take in more than you spend; know that if the first two are in line you will be content. Finally,  Never put the third principle first or second. That never ends well.” Mikayla Keep, CEO of Shop For KeepsKeep has a dream, “My dream with Shop For Keeps is that you find clothing that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world! You’re gorgeous and I love you.” Keep says, “My store is more than clothes… it’s a platform for women to feel loved, beautiful & worthy! Although my passion for fashion is huge, I have the biggest love for people. My store ranges in sizes, styles & colors!”Benjamin K. Walker, Founder & CEO at Transcription Outsourcing, LLCWalker tells us, “In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be able to adapt and evolve.  Meaning you have to know when to ask for help, change course, or even fire yourself and move on.  Not every plan, budget, or idea will work.  You have to be able to step outside and look in from an objective point of view or surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth so you can make the right moves to be successful.” Matt Sweetwood, CEO at LUXnowSweetwood says, “Success as an entrepreneur does not come to the faint hearted. It requires a combination of courage, tireless work-ethic, imagination, grit, smarts and a little bit of crazy. My key to success is simply saying to myself that under no circumstances can I fail and repeating to myself over and over, “How badly do you want it?!” Sid Clevinger, Co-Founder at Better Leads InstituteClevinger says, “Being successful is living in your superpower. It’s being able to positively influence and enrich people’s lives through the core influence you possess everyday to help other people around you win. I feel by doing this you help the shine brighter which makes the world a better place and allows you to live the life you want to live while being able to influence others so they can do the same with their lives. That’s ultimate success to me.” Kevin Graham, NBA Player Development TrainerFounded in 2012, Prime Impact Basketball focuses on basketball skills training for a roster of NBA athletes. Kevin Graham, is one of the world’s most recognized and respected NBA skill development trainers in the U.S. Kevin Has worked with players at all levels including over dozen NBA players such as Danny Green, Dion Waiters, Karl Towns, Nick Young, Taj Gibson, Trey Burke, Ty Lawson, Terrence Ferguson Raymond Felton and many more. If you want to improve your game you come to Kevin “PRIME” Graham.Graham says, “My vision is to continue to help as many basketball players as I can and be known for being the best basketball skills trainer in the world. Have helped 100’s of players around the world. The work doesn’t lie.” Kevin graham will work relentlessly to coach & create the best players in the world. Through his innovative skills training he has produced results that are in the NBA right now.Ariel Levy, NBA Sports MogulLevy, at the age of 17 – yes, 17 – is hustling his way into the agency side of the business.“I first started off doing marketing for NBA players, building their brands and securing them endorsements three years ago when I was 14, which helped me build my contacts with players, companies, and teams as well,” Ariel Levy told Def Pen Hoops when asked how he got into this business. “After about a year of doing marketing, I decided to grow into the agency section of the business as well as 15.”Gaige Keep, CEO of GuageMediaGaige Keep, the CEO and owner of GaugeMedia. GuageMedia specializes in Brand growth and consulting for influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to take advantage of the massive opportunities that building a strong social presence can bring.Kharen Minasian, Lab916Kharen Minasian is one to look out for because he has helped Lab916 successfully launch dozens of brands all over the world with no hiccups. Kharen and his partner companies now provide the Amazon edge by not only utilizing Amazon traffic but a large network of over 300M Facebook Followers to drive massive traffic. Kharen is looking towards the future to teach and build the next greatest class of Amazon marketers. VEWSVEWC is a huge company that should be recognized because they’ve innovated in their industry. By leveraging the flexibility of security tokens, companies are finding that different components of a company’s value can now become liquid, tradable, and investable. That is what VEWC is doing. Legend Siam Token (LST) does not only represent a new coin that is asset-backed in the market, but it also establishes a blueprint for future real estate tokenization. The future of real estate investing is one that provides global exposure, transparency, and liquidity, all of which are elements that can be delivered through VEWCs blockchain technology. VEWC has filed the offering to SEC USA under Reg D with Blue Sky Filling.Jordan Platten, CEO of AffluentJordan Platten launched Affluent not too long ago with massive success. The launch in itself for a 7-Day opening for proof of concept delivered well above 6-figures and closing in on the mid 6 figures. The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience, generate millions in revenue – creating numerous successful marketing agencies. Dave Panozzo, Professional Real Estate AgentDave Panozzo who is a full-time Professional Real Estate Agent and a member of the National, Arizona and Scottsdale Association of Realtors. There’s a reason why Dave is on this list… he’s flipped over 40 homes and has been on ABC, National T.v. the American Dream and now on Park City T.v. The reason he’s on this list with so many accolades is because he’s a unique leader in the real estate community. He’s utilized and has continued to utilize social media & technology as a digital resume and making the client experience the #1 priority for his company.Contact:Shazir Mucklai
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