As Investors Pile into Responsible Funds, Ethical Tech Company Bubblr Positions for Positive Impact on the Online Economy


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – February 23, 2021) – PCG Digital — Steven Saunders proclaims the internet is broken. Not because he can’t login to his Wi-Fi, but because he sees deep-rooted injustice, something he has fought his entire career. As CEO of ethical tech company Bubblr, Inc., Saunders is at the helm of a newly public innovative powerhouse with a mission to change the system.

Why? Because Bubblr believes the current model is broken: It is an unsustainable model that abuses personal and behavioral data, fails to reward content creators and publishers, and prices out most small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s).

There’s a clear need for what Bubblr is serving. Society is increasingly frustrated with the inequities in the world-economic, social, racial and gender. Committed to evolving internet-based disparities, Bubblr intends to become the global antidote to online inequities.

“We believe that the gap between the haves and have-nots has to change. The gap is too wide, and better protection is needed for small businesses, which are the life-blood of local communities,” says Saunders. “Local economies need to flourish, and to do so, we need to tackle the immense gap between big business and smaller enterprises. Sustainable economics is important to the majority of internet users, but right now is only geared to the top percentage. We need to change this.”

The market is also starting to recognize the value of Bubblr’s proposition. In recent weeks, the stock price has more than doubled. Conceivably, this optimism is liable to continue for Bubblr, as an increasing number of investors are beating the market by putting their money in companies committed to social and governance priorities favoring transparency, diversity and sustainability.

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Bubblr’s sustainable model roots out inequities

The company designed an ecosystem of apps to build a patented network and launch the first digital ad-free marketplace. Saunders calls it “a brand-new equitable platform for selling goods and services,” noting “it’s far more sophisticated than single line search strings used by traditional search engines.”

Instead, the platform uses precision search criteria and relevancy metrics to deliver superior results and experiences for both users and businesses alike. There are no paid advertisements, so it’s about correctly categorizing your goods and services since you are only matched to a customer if their query matches your products. Plus, all businesses participating in the model pay the same flat fee – with the same relevancy metrics used across participating enterprises – so you can’t buy your way to the top. This delivers businesses a new, low-cost, transparent and fair subscription-based marketing channel. Everyone has the same opportunity to compete.

Once populated with users and businesses, Saunders sees the ad-free marketplace as the key to providing shareholder value. “Our alternative economic model is fair to users, online businesses and content providers,” he adds. “The subscription model for businesses is minuscule to their marketing budgets but adds up to significant recurring monthly revenues for Bubblr, Inc. and our content partners.”

The right place at the right time

Recently, the company received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a utility patent application for its Internet-based Search Mechanism, allowing Bubblr’s ad-free marketplace to be developed, launched and promoted under its protection and without worry of competitive infringement. This patent will help users interact and search anonymously with providers of goods and services on mobile devices, all without sharing data. It will allow SMEs to connect with users and enjoy a transparent, level playing field-without abundant financial resources.

From an investment perspective, the timing for Bubblr is ideal. The company is developing the right platform for the right time. The Covid pandemic accelerated what was already a brewing shift towards societal demands for fairness and justice as well as a boom in the technology sector. While numerous companies struggle to adapt to innovation and democratization, Bubblr will just keep on doing what it’s been doing from day one: providing equality and opportunity for all.

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