Revohloo Successfully Gains over 100 New Investors in Their First Month of Equity Crowdfunding


Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. – October 31, 2021) – Revohloo, an interactive music video technology provider has entered month 2 of their crowdfunding campaign reaching $32,809 with an overall valuation of $12,070,800. The music video platform has already attracted scores of investors for good reason. It’s one of a kind music video platform that will bridge a gap to music video producers and videographers who are used to rolling lengthy video footage that must be condensed into 2-3 minute videos.


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The way in which the Revohloo video technology works is amazing! The music video is broken up into a matrix of 4 x 4 video sections. Imagine if your favorite artist offered you a music video, with different beginnings, middles, and endings, empowering you with the unique ability to Remix, create and share up to 256 official versions of their music video. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, Revohloo built it, the people love it, and now they’re going to scale the technology by leveraging the power of Crowdfunding.

Revohloo has intrigued NetCapital investors who have demoed the technology. Not to mention, Revohloo has outperformed funding raises compared to niche competitors like ‘Rap Plug Inc,’ whose also currently crowdfunding, with a higher valuation listing at $20 million, but to date have raised less capital than Revohloo.

One feature of Revohloo’s patent pending technology has social media industry advertisers in a frenzy. The technology is called ‘AdDefender’ which stitches Ads (pre-roll video) into a Revohloo (interactive music video) and delivers one file packet to the viewer, defending against ANY ad-blocking technologies and giving Revohloo a unique competitive advantage and offers advertisers a one of kind value proposition. Revohloo is an ad-supported service, with advertising efforts focused on interactive music video entertainment, that can drive revenue for all parties involved. The placement of pre-roll video ads in front of video content viewed is a focal point for viewers and fans. Revohloo has partnered with Smaato who is a global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers that boasts more than one billion monthly mobile users.

Most of Revohloo’s customers are advertisers, artists and rights-holders who leverage their technology to create, upload, and license Revohloo video content for monetization. Bottom line, all parties involved including both artists and advertisers will make more ad revenue because their ads will not be filtered or blocked which means advertisers will have greater success in reaching their target demographics; since their ads are embedded into 256 video versions which have the potential to generate 256x more revenue.

“Our tech allows artists to create interactive music videos for their fans. Revohloo is without question a viable new revenue stream, but what’s also exciting to me is seeing what creators create will do with our technology… It’s also important to note that we plan on taking a decentralized approach in the development of our social network, and we will diligently enforce the individual and collective rights to free speech and artistic expression. Revohloo will be a free open space. A social network where anyone can post what they want, without the fear of being too afraid to express their true feelings,” Founder/CEO of Revohloo, Tracy DeBarros, explained.

Furthermore, Revohloo has created an interesting incentive for investors. When the Revohloo Mobile App goes live in January, each investor’s account name will start with ‘($) Dollar symbol,’ as a prefix to their ‘$Revohloo’ social media name. This distinction will only be granted to investors and adds more of the cool factor to the platform.

“We spent time thinking about how we can show some love and say thank you to the people who actually own shares and helped to build the platform. We talked about a badge on their profile page, but I didn’t really like that idea, so I suggested we add a dollar sign “$” instead of the traditional @ symbol as a prefix to identify investors. We all unanimously agreed that ‘$, had the “Cool Factor” we were looking for to identify, and say thank you to our investors,” said the CEO.

Revohloo is carving out their own line in the sand as one of the most unique and creative platforms to be released within recent years. Many insiders are forecasting an epic surge in investments prior to the Mobile App going live early in the first quarter of 2022.

In the coming years, the visionaries behind Revohloo aim to keep supporting artists by helping them gain the clout and leverage they need to push their careers forward, while always putting the artists first.

To learn more about Revohloo, visit the company’s website or email [email protected]. You can also stay updated on Twitter, and Instagram.

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