Destiny World Partners With Nftfy

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Oslo, Norway–(Newsfile Corp. – November 8, 2021) – Destiny World is pleased to inform the public of their partnership with Nftfy, a decentralized fractionalization/democratization protocol of NFTs for DeFi. The partnership aims to increase the number of adopters of blockchain technology with the additive reach of both platforms. This comes on the back of previous attempts by projects with big promises but then do next to little in delivering on them.

NFTs are still misunderstood, how they can be utilized and what makes them valuable. This is primarily due to the underlying technologies of earlier NFTs that were seen as nothing but digital assets that grow in valuation if stored away in wallets. Which isn’t true.

Thankfully, the recent trends in the NFT scenery have been able to enlighten crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts of their importance. NFT fractionalization and democratization, metaverse, and integration of DeFi components into NFTs are some of the trends that have created a better understanding of the potential of NFTs.

As more people became aware of what was possible in the NFTverse, it became more apparent there was a missing link in how NFTs could interact. Even with the different chains powering them. Destiny World steps in as the bridge, merger, and glue of the numerous ecosystems and platforms in which NFTs exist.

Destiny World is a Telos-based DeFi-enabled platform with the necessary conditions to allow digital assets and other blockchain-integrated products to interact. Destiny World is backed by a community of crypto enthusiasts whose sustained interaction with these assets will result in a longer lifecycle. With Nftfy’s recent partnership, the possibilities just improved.

Destiny World seeks to create an interactive and enlightened community fully aware of the possibilities blockchain adoption can bring with increasing following. As a result, digital assets and blockchain-based tools will have better utilization and scalability opportunities. And more use cases.

With this application, Nftfy’s goal of going mainstream can be easily achieved. This is because Nftfy’s upcoming releases will enjoy simultaneous launch, promotion, and advertising across Destiny’s marketplace and social media channels. The potentiating effects of dual launch mean that NFTs from Nftfy reach a wider audience even when promoted for a shorter period.

About the interoperability and scalability of NFTs to be launched on Destiny, the underlying framework ensures transactions of assets are cost-effective, energy-efficient, fast, and seamless. These will hold true even with increased traffic on the Destiny platform. Despite Destiny World being a blockchain-based platform, the above-mentioned features and the remarkable user experience are sure to keep both crypto and non-crypto fanatics interested.

The partnership between Destiny World and Nftfy will cause a merger of the communities of both platforms. Nftfy will enjoy increased patronage as the new merger will educate the oblivious part of Destiny World’s community on the trend NFTs are toeing. And blockchain-based products, tools and services on Destiny World will have a longer life cycle in return. A very important highlight of this partnership is the fact that it will see Wayne Sheppard drop some of his first NFTs.

Both Destiny World and Nftfy are glad to have Wayne Sheppard’s NFTs on board as he has an interesting background. After suffering from stroke, stage IV cancer, and a neurological condition Wayne Sheppard had an epiphany and began to explore his newfound passion for painting. He was no genius artist at the time, but he gradually fine-tuned his art till he became a sensation. And his art soon became televised and radioed because of how he kept at it. Diving deeper into the art world, but through the much talked about blockchain technology, Wayne will be making his NFT debut on the Telos network. The first entries will be launched amongst Destiny World’s genesis collection with partnership from AreaX and Destiny. Nftfy partnering with Destiny World not only furthers Wayne’s reach but will result in a productive interaction between both platforms’ technologies.

About Destiny World

Destiny World is a cross-chain DeFi-enabled marketplace and ecosystem based on the Telos framework. It supports NFTs, P2E games, DeFi smart contracts, digital economies, and metaverse-based protocols. Destiny provides various user tools for crypto and non-crypto fanatics and projects to model better standardized and flawless routes to build a healthier, more robust blockchain ecosystem and community for everyone.

Destiny’s every move has been geared to keep the promise of their slogan, “Connecting Technology and People.”

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