Chinmayam Consultants Mark 15th Year Anniversary Coaching Top Leaders Through Business Transformation

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Sacramento, California–(Newsfile Corp. – November 12, 2021) – Launched in 2007, Chinmayam Consultants has advised top business leaders in the verticals of Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and Technology to re-engineer and automate processes to reach top success trajectories while reducing cost and finding unparalleled efficiencies along the way. The Chinmayam client book is chalked full of top industry leaders who have opened their doors to access advisory that has taken 15 years to perfect.

As people develop their individual skills and expertise, the company grows along with them. It is important for individuals to remember that they are part of a whole. The key is to know oneself, and this comes with a series of questions that should be answered.

Dr. CK Taneja, Business Transformation Coach explained through our interview, “First of all, one should be able to identify their key strengths and work in areas that utilize those strengths. This step is the foundation of realizing one’s own potential. Identifying one’s strengths will help people find the line of work that suits them best. A job and career should be able to leverage one’s strengths, allowing them to be more natural and effective within an organization.”

Chinmayam Consultants also considers identifying one’s learning capabilities. There are a variety of aspects to consider. An individual should be able to identify what process, systems, or communication styles that work best for them. Maximizing one’s learning capabilities and aligning them with one’s strengths will guarantee the success of one’s career.

The advisory then identifies the positives, the negatives which should also be considered and avoided. Stressors need to be identified in case there is something that might become a trigger. Whether it be people, situations or environments that cause stress or unease, they need to be identified in order to perform at an optimum level.

Lastly Chinmayam Consultants suggest motivation is also a key factor when it comes to accomplishing objectives. Finding motivation in the mundane will help one stay inspired no matter what they do. Whether one wants to retire early or frequently travel, finding motivation will develop one’s skills and eventually bring value to a company.

Born in India in a lower-middle-class family, the esteemed business coach Dr. CK Taneja has struggled with learning disabilities himself. Due to the challenges, he was told that he would never be able to assume a senior role in an organization.

This was far from the truth. Dr. CK Taneja realized that he learned best by listening and not reading. This realization helped him understand that people are equipped with different skills, interests, and learning styles. He also realized that the key to achieving one’s highest potential in work is to find what inspires them and move towards that.

With a career that has spanned four decades, Dr. CK Taneja has worked in various industries. He has been a mechanic, assembly worker in factories, a software developer, project manager, director of IT, CEO, and MD of multiple companies, and now a business success coach that helps organizations achieve peak performance and individuals gain success without stress.

Chinmayam Consultants always had a passion for teaching and helping people find careers that suit their unique skills and abilities, over the last 15 years. Nowadays, they mentor and coach individuals and enterprise groups to help them perform at high levels in their professions, ultimately elevating their own success and that of their companies.

To learn more about the amazing Dr. CK Taneja and Chinmayam Consultants and his esteemed services, make sure to check out his company’s website.

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