Red Floki Announces That It Nears a $10M Market Cap in Record Time


Miami, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – November 17, 2021) – Red Floki is a Deflationary Token That Charges Tx Fees On Everything But Buys. The Fees Charged On All Non-Buy Transactions Help Reward And Protect All HOLDRs. Red Floki CEO Chris has announced that Red Floki is over $9.7 million market cap in just three days. Chris has always been fascinated by cryptocurrencies and is thrilled to announce that Red Floki is also trading on the Hotbit exchange platform.

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Astronomical gains

Cryptocurrencies are well and truly changing the world. Gone are the days when many are locked out of the financial markets. Crypto Red & Red Floki Chris has sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency world since arriving onto the scene recently. He is a professional media buyer who is in the top 2% of ad spenders in Asia and the Pacific. He is part of the team who created the cryptocurrency token, Red Floki. Using his skills in advertising, the team have been able to grow the market cap from $2,000 to $9.7 million in just three days.

Major momentum

When it comes to the biggest success, the speed at which the team have been able to grow the market cap of Red Floki is undoubtedly the number one biggest success. From the competition to their investors, the team surprised everyone. However, despite the huge success, the team are not letting up in their efforts. With momentum in their sails, they are vowing to continue doing all that they can to ensure they continue delivering.

The team have just announced a major deal where Red Floki will start trading on the Hotbit exchange platform. Being listed on a major exchange such as this is a massive vote of confidence in the project. And, of course, it means the opportunity to invest in the project will open up for huge numbers of people.

However, Crypto Red & Red Floki Chris only started in this business on October 14th. Although it was just over two weeks ago, the project is already rapidly growing and breaking records.

Vast amounts of experience

It is a community token and all the decisions are taken by community voting only. The community loves the project and team, who have kept all of their promises so far.

The team have many years of marketing experience and that is why the results speak for themselves. Furthermore, they have more than a whopping 74,000 members on their Telegram, all with natural growth.

The team started from a $2,000 market cap, but then delivered a $9.7 million market cap in just three days. The team have secured unbelievable growth – but the journey is just beginning. The future is bright, with the project set to deliver a lasting legacy.

Red Floki got listed on CoinMarketCap in one hour, listed on CoinGecko, secured a Hotbit exchange listing on the 27th and five more exchanges on the way.

Furthermore, it has already accumulated 17,000 holders, a total of 10% of the supply has been burned and more burning of the supply is on the way.

In addition, Red Floki performed better than Shiba, Doge, Safemoon and all the other tokens in the early days.

It has a very big marketing budget, top Twitter and Telegram influencers are on board already, while YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and Snapchat influencers are on the way.

Dreams Come True

The ‘Shiba killer’ is certainly making people’s dreams come true. There are many guys that invested $100 or $200, who have made $30,000 to $40,000 – and you could be next.

The team have done two giveaways of mobile phones and more giveaways are planned, including the PlayStation 5, MacBooks, iPhones and Xbox.

They will also donate to dog-related charities, with the best one selected by community voting before a donation is made. The Red Floki team have planned a million dollars for charities.

It is clear to see that this is a remarkable project, which has the potential to change lives.

But the opportunity to invest at this stage will not be around for long – so what are you waiting for?

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