The MVP of Cyberpunks, the World’s First p2e Game Using Unique VRF Random Generation, Has Been Released

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Limassol, Cyprus–(Newsfile Corp. – December 16, 2021) – The Cyberpunks team announced the MVP is ready according to the project roadmap. Cyberpunks is the world’s first “play 2 earn” game with cryptographically provable fairness. By using VRF (verifiable random function) all players, regardless of their technical skills, have an equal chance of finding rare items in the game.

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The concept of unique randomness is based on a verifiable random function (VRF). VRF allows calculating random numbers using a private key along with cryptographic proof that the number is produced correctly. Any participant can verify that such a number was found according to the protocol. Randomness is in the hands of the players – users can learn more about how the protocol works on the project website.

The Cyberpunks universe describes a dystopian world of the future with a precarious balance between the interests of technology corporations, members of the criminal underworld, hackers, and police. The Cyberpunks MVP is currently a ready-made system for generating unique characters using VRF.

Cyberpunk provides the player with the ability to generate a character of one of 3 classes with unique characteristics that can be enhanced through implants and augmentations. The gameplay is a combination of resource farming, NFT mining, exploration of the game world, and a turn-based combat system. Next, the developers of Cyberpunks plan to add farming functionality, guild creation and development, as well as a rental market for in-game characters.

According to the COO of Cyberpunks, Stepan Cherepanov, at the moment there is a seed round and the formation of the community to be added to the whitelist. After the completion of the seed round Cyberpunks team is preparing for the entry to the IDO and the first NFT event, which will be further announced in Q1 2022. Subscribe to the Cyberpunks community to stay up-to-date with project news.

About the Cyberpunks project

  • The Cyberpunks team has more than 13,5 years of experience in blockchain development, smart contracts and marketing of the crypto and blockchain technology sphere;
  • A full game version of Cyberpunks is scheduled for release in Q4 2022;
  • Follow the project on Discord to keep up with the updates directly from the team.

Contact person

Stepan Cherepanov
COO Cyberpunks

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