Dr. Adam Starks Releases New Book, “Vultured” as Warning to New Entrepreneurs in 2022


Philippi, West Virginia–(Newsfile Corp. – December 24, 2021) – Set to be launched on January 21, 2022, Adam Starks’ Vultured is a part self-help book, a part autobiography that highlights the dark side of entrepreneurship by identifying pitfalls in the decision-making process of starting and running a small business. By serving as a cautionary tale, this expository warns against such mistakes that may result in the failure of a small business venture.

Adam Starks

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As explained by Dr. Starks, contractors or supporting business partners often try to scavenge a business cash flow with over-priced products and services to maximize their profitability. Unfortunately, these vulturous practices have dire consequences and often end in the death of upwards of 90% of small business ventures within the first five years. He takes readers through his experience as he planned, operated, and eventually lost his business.

He teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed in their business without getting “Vultured,” and how they can make significant decisions based on their business’s current financial picture, and how to take calculated risks with leases and loans of any sort. “A viable business depends on spending below your means. If you’re taking out loans for survival instead of a plan for growth, expansion, or scaling, then you’re merely on life support, waiting for the inevitable moment when you’ll have to pull the plug. So, the merciful thing for your well-being is to pull the plug on the business without obtaining more debt in the process,” he explained.

Vultured seeks to help all new business owners by providing first-hand account knowledge of business in the trenches and helping them fend off those coming from the lair to unwittingly disrupt their potential success and avoid the same fate as Dr. Adam’s dream turned nightmare, so that new business owners can learn to flourish by stepping outside potential risk they may lay ahead of their journeys.

To learn more about Vultured and its author, Dr. Adam Starks, visit the official website. You can also check for updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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