Partners with DIA to Power its Launch on Metis


The open-source oracle platform DIA will provide transparent price feed oracles to enable the launch of a single staking option vault on Metis Andromeda.

Zug, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – May 19, 2022) –

Some of the sources include CEXs Okx, KuCoin,, LBank and DEXs UniSwap, SushiSwap, Netswap and Quickswap

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DIA’s end-to-end oracle capabilities will ensure high quality and resilient data feed for Dopex. Instead of distributing a pre-calculated data feed, DIA built the feed from the ground-up, by simultaneously sourcing trade data directly from CEX and DEXs. Some of the used sources to build the feed include CEX Okx, KuCoin,, LBank and DEXs UniSwap, SushiSwap, Netswap and Quickswap, among others.

To come up with the final price points, the aggregated trade data is computed and sanitized based on fully transparent filters and methodologies, previously defined in the Dopex CDR. This grants Dopex and its user base with transparency on the data as well as full control and clarity over the data they depend on.

Michael Weber, DIA Association President comments: “We are thrilled to start a new collaboration with the Dopex team to extend their product offering to the Metis Network. DIA’s crowd-sourced price feed will, besides ensuring an accurate and tailor-made oracle for Dopex’s operations, also provide the reliability and transparency to both Dopex developers and protocol users.”

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