A Must-Read Book for Husbands That Contains the Principles for Making Marriage Work Titled “Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands: To Strengthen Your Marriage Or Fix It”


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 30, 2022) – Author Norman Anayeland continues to educate men from all walks of life and demystify marriage in his insightful debut release, Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands: To Strengthen Your Marriage Or Fix It. Writing in collaboration with his wife and friends, Anayeland offers an honest assessment of how husbands can repair the relationship, build trust, and establish channels of open communication.

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“The only thing I can guarantee is that if you change, your marriage will change.”

Secret Guide to Wives for Husbands helps male readers in committed relationships understand why the initial dynamics of the relationship may have changed. As relationships mature, the way women approach romance and disagreements can clash with natural male responses. From managing expectations to implementing active listening, this unique book is an easy-to-understand roadmap to permanently returning the state of the relationship to the “honeymoon period.” Readers will learn how to leverage insight into topics such as the causes of nagging, and how women resolve grudges and respond to breaches of trust to minimize conflict and maximize romance. Anayeland’s work helps men create a toolbox to rebuild from the ground up.”

Male readers from a broad variety of backgrounds will find invaluable advice in Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands. Although the language is geared toward married couples, the lessons and strategies can be applied to any serious relationship. The ultimate goal is to teach the male audience how to avoid misunderstandings by adjusting their behavior to create the ideal environment for both spouses.

Unlike other titles that focus on vague theories about improving a marriage, this book is specifically designed for men who need clear, actionable instructions. Anayeland draws heavily upon his own experiences, giving his writing a personal, informal tone that feels more like chatting with a friend than reading a self-help guide.

In a time of ongoing social change and evolving gender roles, Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands is essential reading for the modern man. After all, a man who learns how to communicate effectively is more empowered to resolve issues collaboratively in pursuit of a stronger union between man and wife.

Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands: To Strengthen Your Marriage Or Fix It is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

Norman Anayeland is an author, husband, and marital coach with a passion for teaching others about healthy relationships. His debut, Secret Guide To Wives For Husbands, was released in 2020. Visit him online at his various social media profiles:

Facebook: Norman Anayeland
Instagram: Secret.Guide
Twitter: @anayeland


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