One of the Must-Read Science Fiction Novels in 2022: Ground Zero by Sarah Spookychild


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – June 27, 2022) – Sarah Spookychild, acclaimed author of Rightly Wrong or Wrongly Right, has announced the release of a new science fiction saga, Ground Zero, the first installment of The Day the Skyfel series. In this twisty, unpredictable introduction, Ground Zero opens with a world besieged by interdimensional beings called Skycandelvins who are working in secret to prepare the planet for takeover. Meanwhile, a homeland security agent named Ana launches a covert operation focused on a suspicious woman only to accidentally fall in love with the suspect’s husband, Leo Turner.

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“There is something wrong with her and all the people she hires. Don’t trust any of them.”

Ana confesses that she’s an agent, and Leo agrees to help her investigate his soon-to-be ex-wife. Together, they uncover several strange objects and notes, including one that warns a strange event called “skyfel” on September 28th. When a long-awaited letter warns that Mrs. Turner isn’t human, Leo and Ana find themselves in a race against time to escape ground zero before San Francisco is gone forever.

The Day of Skyfel series is a multifaceted crossover that blends elements of the science fiction, romance, and dystopian genres. Fans of complex stories that draw from an expansive set of themes will appreciate the breadth of this incredible world and Ground Zero’s unforgettable cast.

Sarah Spookychild was inspired to write by her ongoing interest in conspiracy theories and which situations could occur in a fictional scenario. She also incorporates facets of her own life into her work, such as Ana’s struggles with mental health. Subsequent novels will introduce other key characters whose journeys intersect with Ana and Leo as they assemble a team to challenge the Skycandelvins.

Ground Zero is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Sarah Spookychild has been writing since the age of 14. After surviving an abusive relationship and PTSD, she hopes that her voice will shine through in her work and raise awareness about self-harm, depression, and suicide. When she isn’t writing, Spookychild enjoys spending time with her three sons.

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