Overture Announces the Launch of Their Healthcare Platform to Address the US Nursing Shortage


Atlanta, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – July 14, 2022) – Overture is excited to announce a one-of-a-kind healthcare platform and system that drastically improves the nursing shortage in the United StatesThe nursing shortage in the US was prevalent long before the pandemic hit, but it was nowhere near as widespread as it is today. During the pandemic, nurse burnout, stress, and workplace overload collided with true nursing passion. The nursing profession has had a difficult go in recent years, and as a result, more nurses are leaving the field, retiring, and finding better work and life balance elsewhere. With its innovative technology platform, Overture is aiming to reduce the disparity of nursing shortages by bringing healthcare providers and nurses together under a new paradigm.

Pre-pandemic, the U.S Bureau of Labor projected the need for 1.1 million new RNs for expansion and replacement of retirees to avoid nursing shortages by 2022.

Today, the US is still far from meeting that original forecasted need for nurses and the reality is that a much greater shortfall exists than what was projected then. Burnout, stress, workplace overload, and a lack of educators at the college level all amount to today’s shortfall being close to double that projection.

A large number of US hospitals now have limited nursing staff to care for their patients, causing them to be unable to fill their hospital beds. In addition, hospital top line revenues have been negatively affected by the nursing shortage. As a result of this shortage, third-party temp and per diem agencies are taking advantage of healthcare providers by charging extremely high hourly rates, sometimes over three times the normal rates.

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With the number of nurses dramatically declining, revenues are decreasing, expenses are rising, and are all putting pressure on patient care. Solutions to date have not been effective or scalable.

Operating with a slogan directed to nurses to “balance your lifestyle with your work style,” and a clear message to healthcare providers to “reduce your operating costs while gaining maximum shift coverage,” Overture is ready to solve many aspects of these problems.

Rich Rosenzweig, Founder of Overture, says, “We must address the root causes of the current nursing shortage first. We have to greatly reduce what is causing burnout, reduce stress, and give our nurses a much better lifestyle and work style balance. We need to adopt this paradigm and introduce it into every aspect of a nurse’s career starting as early as our nursing school and college education system.”

“From there, we need to work with our healthcare providers to ensure that there can be enough nurses to cover their shift requirements if they are willing to embrace the new reality of a lifestyle and work style balance, and the flexibility nurses are looking for. A signing bonus as a solution is a nice thing, but it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem,” says Rosenzweig, “a signing bonus is a band-aid with a short-term effect.”

Rosenzweig says “In Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, and five major cities in Texas, we already have hundreds of qualified candidates with profiles created in the Overture system who are ready to start working under the umbrella of a lifestyle and workstyle balance. By participating in our program, employers gain a significant advantage: By joining us, healthcare employers can confidently fill their shifts well into the future with exceptionally qualified nurses who are passionate about patient care but need a better work-life balance.”

Currently, the Overture group of nurses is growing at a rate equal to 4,000 per month. From this group, healthcare employers can express interest and arrange interviews through the Overture process resulting in an ’employer authorization’ given to the nurse. Open shifts posted in Overture are instantly presented to those authorized nurses and are immediately ‘claimed’, all through the Overture app. GPS-tracking (think Uber) turns on prior to the start of the shift and allows healthcare providers to see that nurses that have claimed upcoming shifts are on time and in the right place. Checking in and out, shift performance rating, and a seamless operating system managing it all are just a few of the healthcare employer benefits, not to mention a strong reduction in operating costs for the employer.

Nurses gain many benefits, including higher hourly rates, working at the facilities of their choice, and claiming their choice of shifts, which provides a much better life and work balance. Upon completion of their shift, nurses are paid in as little as 24 hours.

By addressing the pain points of both healthcare employers and nurses, the Overture system allows healthcare facilities to bring on verified and professional nurses with ease and helps to eliminate frustration and burnout in the nursing community by providing this flexibility. By ensuring qualified staff are on board and ready to care for patients 24/7, Overture helps to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

Overture is neither a staffing nor a per diem agency. Overture is a system and a process adopted by the healthcare provider with the Overture team behind it providing support and service

As a fully cloud-based HIPAA-compliant provider, Overture offers state-of-the-art functionality and ease-of-use both on laptops, desktops, as well as on their proprietary app, which is the hub of the system.

Overture keeps patient care the focus of healthcare employers by ensuring that the nursing resource is available and affordable. It also ensures that the disheartened nurse population receives much-deserved recognition, higher pay rates, shift and facility control, and a chance to establish a healthy lifestyle and work style balance. In this way, Overture is addressing the root causes of the nursing shortage.

With decades of experience building adaptive and paradigm-changing processes in the healthcare arena, Rosenzweig has taken on solving the nursing shortage problem in the United States with this platform and process.

About Overture

By utilizing a cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant system that enables state-of-the-art functionality, Overture keeps patient care at the center of healthcare employers’ priorities by ensuring that nursing resources are available, and the costs associated with obtaining those resources are much more affordable than what they are paying third-party agencies today. Furthermore, Overture aids the disheartened nurse population to achieve their well-deserved recognition, higher pay rates, shift and facility control, and a chance to establish a healthier lifestyle.

Using Overture, healthcare facilities can easily vet potential candidates while attracting more candidates back to or joining the nursing profession in the US. Due to Overture’s full shift nursing coverage, Healthcare providers enjoy tremendous benefits in terms of reducing operating costs and increasing top-line revenues.

The team at Overture includes: Rich Rosenzweig (Founder), Sunthar Tharma (Engineering), Dr. Vafa Shayani (Chief Medical Officer-Healthcare), and Dr. Sunny Patel, (Chief Medical Officer- Dentistry) along with a very talented group of seasoned engineers, business development individuals, client services, onboarding, and training staff.

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