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CSE Bulletin: Name and Symbol Change and Reclassification – Harborside Inc. (HBOR)



Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – le 21 juillet/July 2022) – Harborside Inc. has announced a reclassification (the “Reclassification”) of all of its issued and outstanding subordinate voting shares (“SVS”) to common shares in the capital of the Issuer (the “Common Shares”). The Reclassification is occurring following the mandatory conversion (the “Mandatory Conversion”) of all of the issued and outstanding multiple voting shares of the Company (“MVS”), which was effective as of March 31, 2022. As such, at the time of the Reclassification, no MVS will be issued and outstanding. Pursuant to the Reclassification, shareholders will receive one Common Share for every SVS held. The Reclassification will also apply to the SVS underlying the issued and outstanding SVS purchase warrants (the “SVS Warrants”) and MVS purchase warrants (the “MVS Warrants” and, together with the SVS Warrants, the “Warrants”) of the Issuer, which are currently exercisable on the basis of one SVS Warrant for one SVS and, in lieu of the Mandatory Conversion, one MVS Warrant for 100 SVS. Accordingly, following the Reclassification: (i) holders of SVS Warrants will be entitled to receive one Common Share on the exercise of one SVS Warrant; and (ii) holders of MVS Warrants will be entitled to receive 100 Common Shares on the exercise of one MVS Warrant.

In addition to the Reclassification, the Issuer will change its name and symbol to StateHouse Holdings Inc. (STHZ).

Shares will begin trading under the new name and symbol and with a new CUSIP number on July 25, 2022.

Disclosure documents are available at

Please note that all open orders will be cancelled at the end of business on July 22, 2021. Dealers are reminded to re-enter their orders.


Harbourside Inc. a annoncé un reclassement (le « Reclassement ») de toutes ses actions à droit de vote subalterne (« SVS ») émises et en circulation en actions ordinaires du capital de l’Émetteur (les « Actions ordinaires »). Le reclassement a lieu à la suite de la conversion obligatoire (la « conversion obligatoire ») de toutes les actions à droit de vote multiple émises et en circulation de la société (« MVS »), qui a pris effet le 31 mars 2022. Ainsi, à l’époque de la reclassification, aucun MVS ne sera émis et en circulation. Conformément au reclassement, les actionnaires recevront une action ordinaire pour chaque SVS détenu. Le Reclassement s’appliquera également aux SVS sous-jacents aux warrants d’achat SVS émis et en circulation (les « Warrants SVS ») et aux warrants d’achat MVS (les « Warrants MVS » et, avec les Warrants SVS, les « Warrants ») de l’Émetteur, qui sont actuellement exerçables sur la base d’un Warrant SVS pour un SVS et, en lieu et place de la Conversion Obligatoire, d’un Warrant MVS pour 100 SVS. Par conséquent, à la suite du reclassement : (i) les porteurs de bons de souscription SVS auront le droit de recevoir une action ordinaire à l’exercice d’un bon de souscription SVS; et (ii) les porteurs de bons de souscription de MVS auront le droit de recevoir 100 actions ordinaires à l’exercice d’un bon de souscription de MVS.

En plus de la Reclassification, l’Émetteur changera son nom et son symbole en StateHouse Holdings Inc. (STHZ).

Les actions commenceront à être négociées sous le nouveau nom et le nouveau symbole et avec un nouveau numéro CUSIP le 25 juillet 2022.

Les documents d’information sont disponibles sur

Veuillez noter que toutes les commandes ouvertes seront annulées à la fin des activités le 22 juillet 2021. Les concessionnaires sont priés de saisir à nouveau leurs commandes.

Old Security Name/Ancien nom de sécurité:

Harborside Inc. – Subordinate Voting Shares

Old Security Type/Ancien type de sécurité:

Subordinate Voting Shares/ Actions à droit de vote subalterne

Old Symbol/Ancien symbole:


Effective Date/Date effective:

le 25 juillet/July 2022

Record Date/Date d’enregistrement: le 26 juillet/July 2022

New Security Name/Nouveau nom de sécurité:

StateHouse Holdings Inc. – Common Shares

New Symbol/Nouveau symbole:


New Security Type/Nouveau type de sécurité:

Common Shares/Actions ordinaires

New CUSIP/ Nouveau CUSIP:

85754G 30 1

New ISIN/ Nouveau ISIN:

CA 85754G 30 1 7

Old/Vieux CUSIP & ISIN:



If you have any questions or require further information please contact Listings at (416) 367-7340 or E-mail: [email protected]

Pour toute question, pour obtenir de l’information supplémentaire veuillez communiquer avec le service des inscriptions au 416 367-7340 ou par courriel à l’adresse: [email protected]






NovaSparks™, the leading field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Clément Pelletier as the new sales and marketing director, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Pelletier will report to Dr. Luc Burgun, CEO and president, beginning on December 1st, 2023.

“Clément possesses a wealth of experience that makes him unique in the industry,” said Luc Burgun, NovaSparks’ chief executive officer and president. “His thorough understanding of the sales process, particularly in the field of trading tools which he acquired over 20 years in Asia, makes him ideally suited to drive our sales and marketing initiatives in APAC. We are pleased to welcome Clément and look forward to his leadership in expanding our operations in Asia.”

Pelletier brings to NovaSparks solid experience in sales and marketing in Asia. Most recently, he served as sales director for the APAC office of Horizon Software, a global leader in electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology. Prior to Horizon Software, he served as CEO of CPIT, an IT services and consulting, specialized in the Fintech industry, based in Hong Kong. Pelletier holds a Master of Engineering from INSA Lyon.

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Broadridge Investment Management Technology Enhances Carlyle’s Private Credit and CLO Portfolio Management Operations




Global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) announced today that its cloud-based solution, Sentry, has been implemented at global investment firm Carlyle in support of its private credit and collateralized loan obligation (CLO) portfolio management. The Sentry private credit and CLO portfolio management technology will enable Carlyle to more efficiently manage its deal pipeline, trade compliance and loan operations on a single platform, and scale operations as the platform grows.

“With increased demand in credit products and ongoing growth of our product offerings, we wanted the right technology that would enable us to scale up and achieve a platform approach,” said Jim Keogh, Carlyle’s Managing Director and Head of Operations for Global Credit. “Sentry has smoothly integrated with our technology stack and provides functionality that will improve our capabilities as we grow.”

“Working closely with Carlyle, we customized Sentry to specifically suit their portfolio management requirements, which emphasized the need to help manage all aspects of private credit and CLO administration,” said Mike Sleightholme, Broadridge’s president of international and head of asset management solutions. “This implementation really showcases the value of the flexibility and scalability our solution offers and how it helps position firms for growth.”

Broadridge’s Sentry PM is a scalable web-based solution that provides front-to-back-office functionality to both the private debt and syndicated loan markets to increase overall efficiency, including research and pipeline management, pre- and post-trade compliance, analysis of hypothetical trade scenarios, dynamic waterfall projections, loan administration, and data aggregation across strategies, portfolios and assets.

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Nuvei enters global payments partnership with Microsoft




Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: NVEI) (TSX: NVEI), the Canadian fintech company, announces today that it has partnered with Microsoft to deliver leading payment experiences for customers of its products, solutions, and services across many of its key markets.

Microsoft will start using Nuvei’s customizable and agile payments technology in the Middle East and the Africa region, while benefiting from Nuvei’s deep knowledge of local markets to optimize its payments for recurring billing and individual transactions across both its Office and Xbox product ranges.

Other benefits of Nuvei’s global payments capabilities Microsoft is harnessing include optimized authorization rates through local acquisition and superior risk management that minimize false declines, as well as Nuvei’s ability to offer all of the relevant local alternative payment methods (APMs) to each market through a single integration. Philip Fayer, Nuvei Chair and CEO said: “Enabling Microsoft to connect to its customers across a wide range of products is testament to our technology and dedication to world-class customer service. We’re excited to optimize payments for such a universal brand that is trusted and relied upon by so many people.”

“We’re pleased to extend our payment solutions to the Middle East and African region,” added Ajith Thekadath, Vice President Global Payments at Microsoft. “Whether it is a one-off purchase, software subscription, or in-game purchasing, payments are critical to our overall customer experience.  Partnering with Nuvei enables our customers to pay wherever they are and whenever they want to.”

Extending the partnership across geographies and use cases

Nuvei and Microsoft are committed to extending this partnership across additional markets, as well as exploring new use cases to enhance the overall Microsoft experience. This includes Microsoft Dynamics 365, its business applications technology suite that drives operational efficiency and improved enterprise resource management.

Fayer commented: “As two innovative, technology-led businesses that provide solutions to many of the leading international brands across the globe, it makes sense to explore how we can work more cooperatively as we grow our commercial relationship.”

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