eBookorPrint.com Commits up to US$250,000 to Help Disadvantaged Authors Publish Their Books


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – July 23, 2022) – Jerry Reid, CEO of eBookorPrint, announced a new financial initiative of up to US$250,000 to help disadvantaged authors get published. The funding will go towards providing authors with financial support, services, and industry guidance.

This new initiative will start funding authors in 2023. Currently, the funding will go towards authors that already have writing capabilities but are not able to pursue the path of a full-time author due to being disadvantaged. The company is not limiting the definition of disadvantage to income factors only.

“The reason we are not only looking for authors with low income is because we believe that disadvantage may come in various forms,” said Reid. “Authors who may have difficulty typing due to injury or disability can record their story over voice notes, while we pay for transcription or provide the manpower for transcription. In this arrangement, eBookorPrint reviews the manuscript, designs the cover, and provides the funded author with a published book that is 100% owned by the author. Depending on the author’s circumstance, a stipend may be paid to assist with daily living needs as well.”

Strong funding is necessary to help content in the written form get more attention. This is due to the inherent weakness of text being less able to instantly capture attention as compared to video or audio.

Reid continues: “We hope that more funding like this can be made available to aspiring authors. Such funding not only enables great writers to be able to embark on a career they never thought may have been possible given their current situation, but also helps to propagate great ideas and great writing which readers benefit from.”


In the initial phase, no unsolicited applications will be accepted. Selected and vetted charities, non-profits and educational institutions will be able to submit profiles of potential aspiring authors for consideration.

About eBookorPrint

eBookorPrint is an author services agency that provides self-published authors with various publishing and marketing services. Guided by the belief that the written word is one of the most powerful tools, eBookorPrint works to help all aspiring authors turn an idea into reality. The old model where only large publishing houses and a handful of lucky authors get to publish a book no longer dominates the industry. The agency provides a one-stop shop for authors to turn their manuscript into a published book, giving them a chance to be seen by the world. Based in New York, the company is currently led by CEO Jerry Reid.

To learn more about the company, visit eBookorPrint reviews or view their services on their main page.

Jerry Reid
CEO of eBookorPrint
[email protected]

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