Best-Selling Book, Now I See, Discusses New Ways of Understanding Faith and Challenges Long-Held Beliefs About the Bible


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – August 22, 2022) – Mat Koenig, speaker and author of For This Reason: Living An Ephesians 5 Marriage, continues to guide Christians toward challenging long-held beliefs about the nature of the Bible in his insightful book, Now I See: Looking for Jesus in Christianity. Koenig was inspired to promote a new understanding of God and the Bible after seeing so many people struggle to connect with the Church after toxic experiences with those who claim to be Christian.

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In Now I See, Koenig unpacks many of the existential questions that cause rifts between believers and God. After all, how could a loving God only plan to save a chosen few while abandoning the rest to eternal torment? If someone is never baptized, then are they truly irredeemable? In addition to following the written Bible, Now I See encourages the audience to consider whether God wants his children to fashion their own biblical vision and stop trying to save others out of misplaced obligation. The real truth is somewhere between religious orthodoxy and progressive Christianity.

Koenig’s reflections are based on his personal experiences and deep study of God’s word. He believes that the ideas in Now I See will particularly appeal to anyone who has been wounded by the Church or had a lukewarm reception from so-called Christians who maintain an exclusive view of who belongs.

Now I See is a welcoming hand and an olive branch that shows how God loves everyone regardless of their experiences with the Church. Koenig urges readers to set aside preconceived notions and denominations in favor of building a relationship with others and with God.

Reviewers applaud Koenig’s leadership and courage, stating, “Mat’s straight-to-the-point, no holds barred approach is a breath of fresh air.” Others describe Now I See as “an eye opener” and “reckless” in the most complimentary of ways. As more and more young people become disillusioned with the Church, Now I See is a timely solution and a novel perspective for the modern age.

Now I See: Looking for Jesus in Christianity and Koenig’s other works are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Speaker and best-selling author Mat Koenig grew up in poverty and learned to harness the power of authentic communication. He entered the business world, where his candor and honesty allowed him to help growing companies like and find their footing. Koenig believes in being a lifelong student of God and looking for opportunities to make the world a better place. He is happily married to his wife, Dara. Between them they have seven children and three grandchildren. Koenig lives and writes in Tennessee. Visit him online at or


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