“Game of Multiverse,” A New Science Fiction Novel by Dr. Anurag Nishad


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – September 7, 2022) – This year, Dr. Anurag Nishad published “Game of Multiverse,” a science fiction novel. This novel is a suspense thriller science fiction novel. The story of this novel explores the concepts of science and technology such as multiverse, metaverse, and string theory. In this story, there is a prime protagonist, Animesh. He and his team have a machine to help people. The machine is used to set a person’s future in a way that he or she desires. However, this machine has its drawbacks as its use results in some muddles. The muddle is, that if a person in this universe gets what he/she wants in the future, then his/her variant in another universe may get something opposite. For example, if a boy is participating in a race competition, then with the help of the machine, he can fix his future to win the race. As a result, in other universes, the variant of this boy will come second, maybe third, or maybe last. This machine is an x-factor of the story. It governs the game of the future in the multiverse. The readers would encounter different colors of the machine when it alters the future in different universes.

Author photo of Dr. Anurag Nishad

Lisa Quinn
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