Palmplug Inc. Combines Music and Mixed Reality to Create a Music School in the Metaverse


Seattle, Washington–(Newsfile Corp. – October 11, 2022) – Palmplug, creators of the world’s first mixed reality gloves, have announced a new venture that will enable musicians worldwide to learn how to play real instruments using haptic technology.

Palmplug’s story began in a music classroom for visually impaired students who were learning to play the saxophone. Their technology was inspired by how the students were able to learn simply by following finger taps from the instructor to indicate what fingers to move to play a musical note. With that knowledge, their haptic gloves are designed to reproduce this experience by simulating the sense of touch on the user’s hand, helping guide people as they learn how to play various musical instruments and opening up a world of learning that was not available before.

Now, Palmplug is bringing their cutting-edge technology to the Metaverse with a mission to re-imagine education by delivering hands-on, social learning to anyone with a VR or AR headset. In leveraging the advanced haptic functionality from their mixed reality gloves, students will be able to engage in a truly immersive experience to learn how to play any instrument. Combined with the unlimited possibilities of the Metaverse, students can meet with teachers anywhere in the world and learn to play by using their proprietary glove-to-glove technology.

This unique form of communication enables students to learn directly through the teacher’s finger movements, which are outputted as vibrations into their own gloves to allow them to follow along. But that’s not all, their mixed reality gloves offer advanced features like Hand Tracking, Haptic Feedback, Light Feedback, Sound Feedback and an AI-powered camera for smart interactions. Although not the first company to step into the metaverse with such haptic products, their technology stands out from the pack with their gloves being the first of its kind in the world with a focus on mixed reality interactions.

This technology is not limited to the world of education either. With the ability to scale across multiple uses, these mixed reality gloves can be used in just about any VR or AR experience. Consider the possibilities for the gaming industry as an example as we have seen teases of their gaming platform Palmplug Arcades, which is going to be home to all games developed by the company as well as games created by 3rd party developers.

One of Palmplug’s key USPs that separates them from the crowd is their glove’s ability to enable interactions with objects in the real world. Because the gloves don’t obstruct palm access, users are able to bring real objects with them into the virtual world. You could bring a ball, a toy sword, or a saxophone with you into the Metaverse and use it to interact with other virtual objects.

This space is growing, with more people looking to leverage such technologies to advance the way we live, work, and learn. Palmplug is spearheading the use of this technology and enabling a world of opportunities to be opened up for all.

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