Avantsoft Breaks Down Custom Software Development Access Barriers For Female-Led Startups


Salvador, Brazil–(Newsfile Corp. – October 27, 2022) – Avantsoft, a top software development house, is launching an effort to make it easier for female-founded startups to overcome historic restrictions on access to the technical talent they need to ensure business viability.

The company, founded in 2016 in Brazil, helps companies of all sizes that are aiming to leverage the latest technological integration in order to increase their efficiency, productivity, and revenue. The new campaign to help women-owned businesses gain a strong footing in their early days aims to not only make industries more equitable, but aligns with Avantsoft’s goals.

“Female-founded startups often have less access to software developers. We can help solve that,” says Avantsoft Co-founder Katie Gandomi. “This mission also aligns with a new service line we are working to introduce where we can make custom mobile apps for a fraction of the usual cost – a service that is usually reserved for larger companies with larger budgets.”

Avantsoft has a network of highly skilled software development experts and other leading professionals in related fields, located around the world and from all backgrounds. New or experienced businesses can approach the company and explain their software development needs, and be matched with ideal workers for the task, regardless of where they might be situated.

“We pair world-class senior developers, usually from the United States, with junior developers from at-risk communities around the world to create teams who can execute low cost projects that boost economic development in the community without compromising on quality,” explains Gandomi.

In a sign of her belief in, and commitment to, Avantsoft’s cause, U.S.-born Gandomi relocated to Brazil where the company is based. She did so based on the idea that Latin America has the potential to be the future hub of software contracting for developed countries, particularly for female-founded startups in the United States because of the shared time zones. This makes it easier for U.S. companies to work with Brazilian and other developers in parallel, without any of the lengthy waiting periods that can occur when using professionals located in other time zones.

Avantsoft’s deft ability to find the best candidates helps to explain its consistent growth since founding. Along with that, their outreach to recruit first-rate software developers regardless of age, background, or socioeconomic status speaks to their commitment to equal opportunity employment.

“We often hire from at-risk populations and train developers from early in their career, typically their first year in college, all the way to higher seniority,” says Gandomi.

Paulo Carvalho, Avantsoft’s other co-founder, runs a popular blog where he details the ins and outs of the software development industry. As an insider in the field, Carvalho recognizes the additional hurdles that some women-owned startups can face compared to their male counterparts.

“It has never been harder to get good developers on your team. Having the highest salary is no longer enough,” says Carvalho. “That can be twice as true for startups, and founders might find it harder to secure the software development support that they need.”

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