Asteroid Mining Corporation Announces US Subsidiary and Opens Series A Round

  • Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. (AMC) announces the opening of US subsidiary
  • SCAR-E robot provides an unprecedented level of access to off-planet minerals
  • Regulatory climate in the US is favourable to space resource utilisation
  • AMC’s US presence facilitates partnership with launch providers and competent national authorities

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – February 5, 2023) – Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd. (AMC), a Canary Wharf headquartered space exploration and robotics company with the long-term goal of enabling the utilisation of space resources, has expanded operations through formulation of US based subsidiary, Asteroid Mining Co USA, LLC.

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AMC’s development of the technological capability to prospect, explore and extract the resources of asteroids and cis-lunar space is well underway, with the development of Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorers (SCAR-E), a modular hexapedal robotics platform.

For the past two years AMC has partnered with Tohoku University Space Robotics Laboratory (SRL) and has assembled the first prototype of SCAR-E. This will be the first commercial robot intended for use in microgravity environments for taking core samples and conducting resources prospecting on a range of celestial bodies including the Moon, Mars and asteroids.

SCAR-E robots were designed from the ground up to operate autonomously in hostile microgravity environments, utilising legged gripping locomotion necessary for targeted assessments of resources samples from Near Earth Asteroids. SCAR-E’s hexapedal design allows access to locations inaccessible to previous missions, and its built-in universal attachment point enables precise delivery of a range of payloads to their desired location. With resources often found in inaccessible locations, such as water ice at the bottom of lunar craters, SCAR-E provides novel prospecting capabilities for the space resources industry. The same gripping capabilities will enable SCAR-E to manoeuvre on the exteriors of orbital infrastructure such as space stations, saving millions by carrying out activities which would otherwise require an Extra Vehicular Activity (spacewalk).

In order to take advantage of the favourable regulatory environment, the relative abundance of space sector funding and to make inroads with partners within the launch and space services industry, AMC has established its first international subsidiary in America.

Asteroid Mining Corporation is also launching a series A round of fundraising. “Starting from February 2023, we’re looking for investors that can join us in our efforts to commercialise SCAR-E, both terrestrially and in space depending on the use case,” said Mitch Hunter-Scullion, AMC CEO.

SCAR-E’s gripping technology allows for vertical mobility on a range of surfaces, giving it a wide range of applications in terrestrial infrastructure inspection. It is particularly useful for jobs which fall under the 4 ‘D’s – Dull, Dirty, Distant and Dangerous – as a way to reduce costs while increasing worker safety in critical sectors like energy and mining sectors.

About Asteroid Mining Corporation

AMC, founded in 2016, is the UK’s first space mining enterprise, an aerospace company on a mission to exploit the potential of an off-Earth commercial market. Currently focussed on the prospecting and exploration stages, it ultimately aims to extract, process and utilise the materials embedded within some of the millions of Near Earth and Main Belt Asteroids.

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