One of 2023’s Must-Read Books on Understanding the Fundamentals of Therapy Is The Least You Should Know about Therapy by Dr. Kimberly Olson


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – February 13, 2023) – Dr. Kimberly Olson, a seasoned psychologist and family therapist, has announced the release of her comprehensive guide to the therapeutic relationship, The Least You Should Know about Therapy. With simple language that’s accessible even to newcomers in the field, Dr. Olson chronicles how a lack of empathy has led to a steady decline in quality of care.

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Book cover of The Least You Should Know about Therapy

The Least You Should Know about Therapy highlights an alarming trend in how therapists are trained in many modern programs. Dr. Olson’s observations are based on an extensive review of relevant literature and client stories that show how the credibility of psychotherapy is coming into question as more and more people lose trust. The Least You Should Know about Therapy is a roadmap that leads psychologists, social workers, and counselors back to what truly matters-the therapeutic relationship and genuine understanding.

Mental health professionals at any stage of their careers can benefit from the lessons in The Least You Should Know about Therapy. Instead of using scripted responses that can cause clients to feel invalidated and unheard, Dr. Olson demonstrates how lasting long-term change is driven by interpersonal connection, communication, and genuine insights based on a client’s unique situation.

Furthermore, this book includes exercises and worksheets to help readers internalize key learnings. For instance, the Relational Chart® breaks down complex topics into a digestible format and shows how different variables intersect.

In a time of social upset when many people are turning to therapy for the first time, Dr. Olson’s work is a potent reminder that evidence-based practices or what insurance companies believe is right isn’t always what’s best for the client. When clients feel valued, therapy can be a life-saving intervention, and The Least You Should Know about Therapy sets out to prove it.

The Least You Should Know about Therapy is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Dr. Kimberly Olson is a marriage and family therapist with over 20 years of experience, and recently became a licensed psychologist. Her wealth of experience includes teaching at prestigious institutions such as California State University and Chapman University, as well as being a clinical and administrative supervisor for over 12 years for the Department of Behavioral Health. Dr. Olson believes that optimal care starts with quality training. From this book to her TedTalk, she has been a powerful voice for change. She would also like to thank all therapists for their tireless commitment to healing. To get in touch with Dr. Olson, kindly email her at [email protected].


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