Leading Media to discuss Journalism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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The 4th edition of Digital Journalism 2019 Summit, organized by Asher Russell Pte Ltd, is Asia’s most important news media summit. It will take place on 7-8 October 201at the One Farrer Hotel & Spa Singapore.

This year, the event will feature an impressive panel of presenters from major news media organizations (Global and Asia Pacific):

  • Hannah SarneyDeputy Head of Audience Engagement, Financial Times, UK.
  • Kourtney Bitterly, Lead, R&D Group, The New York Times, USA.
  • Tammy Gur, Head of UX&D at BBC XR & New Experiences, BBC, UK.
  • Mike Raomanachai, Bangkok Editor, Tech360TV, Thailand.
  • Sinead BoucherCEO, Stuff, New Zealand.
  • Alyssa McDonaldHead of Digital, Asia, Bloomberg, Australia.
  • Brett McKeehanDirector, CNN Digital Asia.
  • Adith CharlieManaging Editor, India, LinkedIn, India.
  • Farhan MustafaCEO, Grafiti Inc, United States.
  • Reta LeeEditor-in-Chief, Yahoo Lifestyle, SEA, Verizon Media, Yahoo!
  • Robyn VinterEditor-in-Chief, The Overtake, UK.
  • Janie Octia, Strategic Partner Manager, APAC News, CrowdTangle, Facebook.
  • Michael KearnsVP International Digital and Strategic Partnerships, CNBC.
  • Asha PhilipsInternational News Lead, Facebook, Singapore.
  • Jacqui HockingFounder & CEO, VSStory.com
  • Angie Lau, Co-founder, CEO, Editor, Forkast.News, Hong Kong.
  • Byron PerryFounder & CEO, Coconuts TV, Coconuts Media. Asia.
  • Jacque ManabatSenior Multi-Platform Editor, ABS-CBN, The Philippines.
  • Uni Zulfiani Lubis, Editor in Chief, IDN Times Indonesia.
  • Specialist Digital Editor, South China Morning Post, South China Morning Post (SCMP) Hong Kong.
  • Simon ScarrDeputy Head of Graphics (Visual Journalism), Thomson Reuters.

Digital Journalism 2019 will discuss in-depth the impact of technology and innovation on quality journalism:

  • Key Journalism Trends & Opportunities for Newsrooms and Digital Journalists: Get updated on the today’s latest understanding and overview of Journalism Digital Trends and Key Implications to Journalists, News Editors, Content Producers, Newsrooms and Media Owners.
  • Ways where AI is used to enhance news journalism and the digital newsroom.
  • The rise of Visual Journalism and data visualization.
  • The advent of 5G and its immediate impact on Mobile Journalism and News on the move. What’s next?
  • Verification of Information, Sources & Data – What Tools, Technology & Strategies are best deployed? Do we need Verification Regulations or simply tools?
  • Future of Journalism in the age of big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon.
  • Mixed Reality (MR) + VR + AR Strategies for Digital Journalism — A Practical Road Map. Where Do We Go from Here? And How To?
  • The Massification of VR/AR and implications for preparedness — Why Facebook, Amazon, Google are investing into this?
  • Future of Augmented Journalism.
  • A.I. Strategies and Case Studies. A.I. News projects around the world. What are the various media doing in this space?
  • Managing Misinformation, tackling Fake News & Building Trust with Technology and AI.
  • Voice Technology & Voice Podcasting for News in the Future. The new pivot to all things voice.
  • Google Tools for Journalists.
  • Strategies for Mobile, Bots & Immersive Storytelling – News to engage Millennial Audience.
  • Are Social Media Platforms one of the ways misinformation is spread?
  • Trends in Videos, News, Content.
  • The Rise & Rise of Visual Journalism & Experiential Journalism — New Standards and New Formats.
  • How do we restore Quality Journalism into the Newsroom & Journalism?
  • Fact Checking Strategies.
  • Updates on 360 Storytelling, with Future Tech.
  • The Upgraded Digital Newsroom.
  • Community is the new Buzzword — This is just as important for the News Industry. How do you build the right community and ecosystems?
  • Blockchain Technology — to help Journalists Collaborate and work effectively. Blockchain to facilitate processes, Journalism work, content payment, simplify collaboration, create smart contracts, identify news creator and content ownership.
  • Platform Publishing Wars and How to Manage Better?
  • Digital Newsroom Automation for Better Management & Effectiveness.
  • Use of AI for Quality Journalism.
  • Data Journalism & Data Collaboration Work Globally.
  • Working with Robots & Algorithms.
  • Journalism-as-a-Service: Is it working?
  • The Personalization of Immersive Digital News.
  • Ensuring Diversity in the Digital newsroom & gaining greater Trust.

Join the industry gathering of community from news media and publishers, (from CEOs to Journalists to content producers) who meet bi-annually and share their experiences and milestones in digital news and focus on quality journalism.

This summit will feature many icons of industry, digital journalists who have given the news world a different take on news reporting and engagement with readers. This is a trade summit with participants from various news media organizations and related technology companies. Conference fees apply. To register online, please visit this link – http://digital-journalism.asia/online-registration/

Digital Journalism World 2019 Summit is organized by Asher Russell Pte Ltd, the organizer of many highly successful digital media series.

For more info to attend the event, please contact us at (65) 91872179 or contact Grace Hanny Lee, Marketing Manager at grace@asher-russell.com.