Deer Isle Group’s FinTech Solution Disrupts Private Placement Capital Raising


Deer Isle Group, LLC has launched D.I.G. Beacon, a game-changing, proprietary fintech solution that gives companies interested in raising institutional capital direct access to a well-established network of over 10,000 United States-based institutional investors including venture and private equity funds as well as family offices, wealth advisors, endowments/foundations and pension funds.

D.I.G Beacon solves the problem of private placement capital access for issuers in the complex $2.4 trillion private placement market where it has become increasingly difficult to reach suitable institutional investors as their numbers have doubled over the last 10 years. It is estimated that $1.65 trillion was raised in private placements in 2017, and that private placements have surpassed the size of the public markets.

The D.I.G. Beacon technology system leverages Deer Isle’s knowledge of the institutional market. It offers capital seekers a highly efficient, cost effective and tailored capability to accelerate their capital raise from relevant institutional investors within approximately 2 weeks of engagement*. This is a sea change for capital seekers who are prepared for direct investor access. Capital seekers that use D.I.G. Beacon not only receive exposure to pertinent institutional investors, but also the capability to measure and monitor investor interest with insightful data and analytics that quantify engagement, sentiment and response. The D.I.G. Beacon technology transforms the capital seeker’s experience with this market intelligence, saving time and money.

Based on a capital seeker’s needs, they may also leverage Deer Isle Group’s experience in raising over $5 billion through its broker/dealer subsidiary, Deer Isle Capital, LLC. Deer Isle Capital offers unbundled investment banking and capital placement expertise, thereby giving capital seekers the ability to choose the right advisory services to achieve a successful capital raise.

Dianna Raedle, CEO Deer Isle Group, says “We are very excited to be able to offer this new approach to capital seekers. We know that both capital seekers and capital providers will benefit from having access to an efficient and effective alternative methodology for private placement capital raising.”


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