Moven Selected by the Asian Financial Society for its 2019 Annual Alpha Awards



Movencorp, Inc was honored by the Asian Financial Society as a finalist for its 2019 AFS alpha Awards (AaA) along with several other innovators in a range of technology industries. This is the third annual awards program, designed to showcase innovation, merit, acknowledge those innovations that disrupt the status quo in financial services and identify exceptional and investable Fintech companies and entrepreneurs.

Marek Forysiak, chief executive officer of Moven, said: “It is an honor for Moven to be recognized
and selected as an innovator by such a well-respected organization. APAC is becoming more and more strategic for Moven, as Asia is taking a lead globally with respect to technology and innovation when it comes to financial services. This makes Moven’s patented, financial-wellness technologies perfectly suited to help drive financial wellness and inclusion across the region and globally.”

AFS’s mission is to encourage a mutually beneficially network, driven by innovation spanning economic and technological development opportunities related to finance and the Asian business markets. With over 4,000 global members, the diverse backgrounds and business directives of the AFS members bring a rich blend of experiences and interests together from which many international and intercultural business and professional advancements are made possible.

Avery Starr, Conference Chair and AFS Board Member, Managing Director, Seatig Inc., “The AFS is pleased to welcome Moven to present to and engage with our community. Moven’s mission is to help drive financial wellness and inclusion within the Asian community by partnering with large to mid-sized banks in the region. Their innovative technology has proven to help financial institutions increase customer savings rates while also reducing attrition.”


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