TIMIA Strengthens Investment Power with Increase in Limited Partnership to $18.5 Million; TIMIA’s Loan Receivable Reaches Milestone at over $21 Million



TIMIA Capital Corporation (“TIMIA” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:TCA/OTC: TIMCF) announced that it has increased its investment capacity by raising TIMIA Capital I’s Limited Partnership (“LP1”) capital to $18.5 million. The Company announced the Limited Partners’ approval to increase LP1’s capacity in September and was subsequently able to increase LP1’s capital by $5 million through additional subscriptions to approximately $18.5 million. This brings TIMIA’s consolidated assets, including recent exits, to over $29 million.

“We’ve increased our investment capacity through a non-dilutive capital injection,” said Mike Walkinshaw, CEO of TIMIA. “We continue to work with entrepreneurs of private software companies to provide growth capital, while allowing them to retain their ownership stake and related value. Conversely, we’re able to provide investors in LP1 with access to risk-adjusted returns that have been above industry average.”

“This increase in capital is an achievement in itself, however, our team has worked fervently for years to build TIMIA’s loan receivable to stand now at over $21 million,” added Walkinshaw. “We continue to seek out new companies looking for growth capital and are excited about the achievements we’ve made thus far.”

TIMIA has developed a proprietary, scalable, technology-driven fintech platform targeting higher risk-adjusted returns on its finance solutions, creating value for shareholders, and leveraging its non-dilutive capital structure.

Through its fintech platform, TIMIA continuously seeks new and exciting investments in the software as a service or SaaS industry. Under TIMIA’s revenue-based financing model, TIMIA advances capital to a SaaS business with a recurring revenue stream that allows the portfolio company to make monthly payments to TIMIA that are a combination of principal and interest with a repayment schedule sculpted to the portfolio company’s revenue streams. The amounts advanced are secured and may be repaid early.  The Company expects to make further investments in the coming months, in the pursuit of its business model, which is to earn a combination of monthly payments and periodic gains on investments.


SOURCE TIMIA Capital Corp.


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