AllocateRite Announces a New Version of its Mobile App, with Significant Updates



AllocateRite™, the New York FinTech and data science company that provides wealth managers and individual investors with ETF-based dynamic asset allocation strategies and risk analytics, is excited to announce the release of a newly updated version of our mobile app.

The update includes stock market momentum indicators which use AI algorithms and qualitative analysis to provide price momentum alerts (up / down and strong-up / strong-down) via SMS notification.

Also included in this new release is an AI-powered search feature for securities on the app dashboard – essentially a state-of-the-art decision support infrastructure to assist users in managing their investment portfolios.

Download our mobile apps from our website or the app store to use whichever services are suitable for you:

RiskMonkey Analytics

With our new RiskMonkey, you can now link multiple brokerage accounts and get real-time risk information about your portfolios, including qualitative and quantitative analysis and price momentum alerts for all.

Wealth Management

Our risk-adjusted wealth management strategies are diversified, liquid and tax-efficient (including tax loss harvesting). They have cash management built in with automated execution and are automatically rebalanced periodically to maintain an optimal risk / reward ratio. They may also be suitable for individual 401k retirement investment portfolios.

Asset Management

Our asset management strategies are also risk-adjusted, diversified and liquid, and can be used as an Alpha overlay over existing strategies. They are tax-efficient, with automated execution and automatic rebalancing periodically, and may also be suitable for pension funds, hedge funds and college endowments.

Track Record

AllocateRite’s strategies are GIPS-verified and have a confirmed track record of success stretching back more than four years.


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