Privacy Horizon Inc. and Alexio Corporation develop partnership to enhance CyberRisk Management for Small & Medium Sized Businesses



Privacy Horizon Inc. (“PHI”) & Alexio Corporation (“Alexio”) announce their strategic partnership, effective immediately.

PHI and Alexio are proud to launch their combined full-service Data Privacy Compliance + Cybersecurity solution, recognizing both elements are required for their healthcare clients. Bundled together, Alexio and PHI are now able to provide clients with a responsive CyberRisk management offering, priced for the North American SME market.

The partnership will address the need for small and medium sized businesses to maintain robust data privacy and cybersecurity management roles in their organizations, through a program based virtual privacy officer and virtual information security officer suite of services. These officer roles, originally created to address the need for heightened oversight of risks in an increasingly digitized world, can now be provided by PHI and Alexio.

The partnership combines the power of Alexio DefenderTM with PHI’s tech-enabled privacy and compliance services under its platform, The PHI FrameworkTM. Both companies also provide robust training programs in their respective areas that ensure organizations understand their obligations under the law, the growing number of risks in digital health and, “learn” how to address them.

“Our complimentary services aligned so well that it became a natural step to combine our efforts in the healthcare marketplace,” explains Anne Genge, CEO of Alexio Corporation. “While we’ve assisted many clients with their privacy concerns, our wheelhouse is cyber-security technology (Alexio DefenderTM).”

“PHI’s internationally recognized team, led by CEO Patrick Lo, has delivered first class privacy and compliance solutions to an impressive and growing list of entrepreneurial organizations in both the private and public sectors,” says PHI’s Chairman Mark Kohler, who is also the Chairman and CEO of the EXELERATE Group of Companies. “We are very pleased to be adding Alexio’s technology offering to the mix, thereby ensuring we now also have a CyberRisk Management capability.”

According to IBM, in their IBM 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, an average data breach can cost a large enterprise $8.19 Million USD, or $242 per record, and take approximately 279 days to contain. A proactive privacy program can improve this situation, especially within a small and medium sized business, where “Trust” is an absolute necessity. PHI and Alexio offer a solution to help reduce the risk of data breaches.

“Establishing a comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity program takes a lot of planning, investment in infrastructure, and the hiring of highly skilled staff, and this is by no means a trivial or a one-time exercise for small and medium sized businesses,” commented Patrick Lo, CEO of PHI.  “That is why I am excited to partner with Alexio in delivering a proactive, practical, cost effective, and timely way to address CyberRisk Management issues, and allow organizations to focus their energies on core offerings for their customers and on growing their revenues.”


SOURCE Privacy Horizon Inc.


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